Police chief’s resignation gives Kankakee chance for a fresh start

August 21, 2018

The resignation of interim Police Chief Price Dumas gives the city of Kankakee a chance for a fresh start and a chance to end a controversy.

Since the beginning of the administration of Chasity Wells-Armstrong as mayor, she had been locked in a battle with the city council regarding Dumas. The city council would not confirm her appointment. She persisted by making him an interim appointment several times over.

The council was split between those wanting to give the mayor’s appointee a chance and those who felt Dumas either did not have the necessary experience or the search resulting in his appointment was not thorough enough.

In all probability, some of the support Dumas did have might have diminished after it was learned he used the state’s criminal database to investigate critics of the administration.

Now, with Dumas gone, it is time for the city to move on. It would be wise to have a thorough search for a new chief. It should be a search including candidates within the city, within the county, within the state and within the country. Cast a wide net.

Likewise, the setting up of a search committee also would be wise. Have the committee include members of the city council, the Fraternal Order of Police, a diverse group of city residents and the administration.

This is an important job. Finding the right person — and then giving that person maximum support — would be a big plus for the city.

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