Sounding off: Wolf’s education policies are for all Pennsylvanians

August 22, 2018
Sounding off: Wolf's education policies are for all Pennsylvanians

The education of Pennsylvania’s citizens and workforce must be a priority. While many successful initiatives focus on collegiate four-year programs, it’s important to highlight the impact of apprenticeships, vocational training and community colleges.

Apprenticeships and vocational programs provide critical training and start workers on a path to good wages and dignified work. There are many good, family-sustaining career options that require vocational training or apprenticeships. The value of apprenticeship programs is immeasurable, and that’s why Gov. Tom Wolf set a goal of doubling them by 2025.

In Pennsylvania, participation in career and technical education programs has gone up. We need to build on that progress, and with Wolf making an additional $30 million investment in the PAsmart initiative, we’re doing just that.

Even having a small amount of money saved for continued education can set a child up for success. The new Keystone Scholars program is not exclusive to four-year universities, but can be used toward the cost of trade schools, vocational programs and community colleges. The program is not funded by taxpayer dollars and will help every student no matter what educational path they choose.

Wolf is a governor for all Pennsylvanians regardless of the type of degree they may or may not seek. His record of investing in workforce development and dedication to ensuring our 21st-century workforce is accessible for all Pennsylvanians is one of the many reasons I hope to see him win another term.

Mark Hirschfeld, Elliott

Democrats’ clueless leadership will end blue wave

Bring it on, Democrats. Your clueless, misguided, inimical leadership, with their actions, have unequivocally lost any hope of regaining the House or Senate while riding the “blue wave” in the midtermelections. You have such notables at the head of your party, which I was long ago proud to be a part of. Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters should make you cringe.

You also have the young socialist congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who recently defeated another prominent liberal Democrat. He may have been social, but not socialist. Just saying.

Yeah, these folks say “let’s get rid of ICE, let everybody cross our borders, free health care for all, free education, free abortion; the rich must pay -- they probably didn’t earn it.” While we’re at it, let’s freeall the prisoners and do away with the armed forces.

The blue wave. Forget about it.

Ken Bearer, North Buffalo

Pope Francis won’t help on abuse report

Regarding “Pa. AG urges pope to step in on grand jury’s sex abuse report” : Josh Shapiro seeks help from the pope to overcome the palpable diocesan resistance to the release of the grand jury’s report. Do not hold your breath awaiting help from merciful Francis, whose associates include Uncle Ted McCarrick, Godfried Danneels, Michele de Paolis and Battista Ricca.

A bishop possesses supreme authority as the head of his diocese. Diocesan priests promise perpetual obedience to the bishop and his successors at ordination. All that is required is his order for them to cease their dissent. Stop hiding under your desks; do your job. This is not going away; truth shall prevail.

What is the problem? Will the report open the floodgate, exposing the homosexuals, sodomites, enablers and possibly even sodomitical bishops who are living comfortably as trusted clerics? Fairness demands that the legislature revise the statute of limitations for child sex abuse crimes so that justice and truth may be established in a court of law.

Most bishops know well that money talks. Cessation of donations to their churches and dioceses will speak louder than any argument. Their obfuscation is described in Latin as “Sedentes in tenebris etumbra mortis.” Most bishops should understand without translation; if necessary, use Google Translate.

Peter A. Caruso, West Mifflin

Trump’s tariffs and farmer bailout

“Trade wars are easy to win.” Not even a month after tariffs begin Trump seeks $12 billion to “bail out” farmers who were hurt badly by his incoherent policy decision. It’s bad enough that the last financial crisis (a near depression) occurred under Bush’s watch, this time the GOP electorate elects a man who is single-handedly creating the next one.

It’s also funny how we can’t find money for our citizens’ health care, education or any other social/safety net program but we can look for $30 billion for an unneeded wall and to cover up Trump’s policy blunder and shower his base in farm country with billions of dollars to buy their votes.

“King Midas in Reverse” has struck again.

Joe Lucas, South Side

Let’s support the Pirates as they step up to the plate

One of the most popular things for Pirates fans to do for many years has been to condemn team ownership as cheap and Pirates management as incompetent.

In the days ahead of the trading deadline of July 31, those who consistently challenge the team’s braintrust were proven wrong.

Less than a month ago, Pirates General Manager Neil Huntington threw down the gauntlet to the players, sending a strong message that if their play continued to be substandard, the team would be broken up, that the Pirates would sell off much of its talent in advance of the trade deadline. The players answered in a big way with a lengthy streak of championship-caliber baseball, which included a historic 11-game winning streak against some good teams.

In now having acquired two major league-caliber pitchers, one starter and one reliever, the Bucs have shown that they are not only pushing to compete in the postseason this year, but in the years ahead. The region offers a warm welcome to Keone Kela and Chris Archer. Us fans now have an obligation to support the team by putting ourselves in the seats at beautiful PNC Park and boosting television ratings.

This seven-year season ticket-holder says “thank you, thank you” to team owner Bob Nutting, Huntington and President Frank Coonelly, who have given us a legitimate chance of winning. On to October baseball!

Oren Spiegler, South Strabane

Madden’s comment about Villanueva is disgusting

Mark Madden’s comment that Alejandro Villanueva “made the mess in Chicago by leaving his teammates behind in the tunnel to pursue a photo op” (“Steelers handling anthem debacle perfectly,” July 28) is disgusting. I have been watching football since 1969. I quit watching after that Sept. 24 game. I have too much respect for our country, veterans and flag.

Educate yourself, Mark Madden. Same goes for all of the kneelers. There is a time and place for protests, and it’s not the football field.

Villanueva is the only honorable one for me. Players, respect your country, and then do your job -- play football. The coach should have enforced adult behavior from the beginning.

Tina A. May, Youngwood

We still need truth on Obama’s birthplace, education

In her letter “Follow Trump’s money”, S. Gaffen says Americans have the right to know the truth regarding President Trump’s dealings with Russia. I guess people forget Trump was ainternational businessman before he became president.

The truth many of us would like to be made aware of concern former President Obama’s birthplace, educational records, marriage information and all else that has been stowed away in some undergroundsalt cave or burned. Don’t we deserve to know if our president is a born citizen of the USA?

Hannelore Miller, Hempfield

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