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BC-US-XGR--Child Sexual Abuse-Texas, US

May 13, 2019
Associated Press

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Former Olympic and U.S. national team gymnasts have testified in Texas about a bill that seeks to expand the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse victims after lawmakers tried to remove a key provision.

The women’s testimony on Monday comes after lawmakers quietly removed a key provision allowing victims to sue institutions in civil court.

Republican Rep. Craig Goldman declined to say which groups lobbied for the change.

The former USA Gymnastics team members mobilized to support a new version of the bill at a public hearing.

The revised Senate version would allow victims of childhood sexual abuse to bring a civil lawsuit against their abuser and institutions up to 30 years after their 18th birthday.

Former Olympic Gold medalist Tasha Schwikert says lawmakers cannot allow institutions to escape responsibility.