Nebraska State Patrol ready for Husker Saturday

September 2, 2018

LINCOLN - More than 100-thousand fans will be heading to Lincoln on Saturday as the Huskers kick off their 2018 season.

The Nebraska State Patrol is ready for the big day and Public Relations Director Cody Thomas says they are conducting a special enforcement operation focused on several counties around the Lincoln area to reduce the risk of accidents.

Thomas says, “We are going to have troopers on the road. We’ll have troopers in the air in the NSP helicopter to try to make sure that everybody is able to get to and from Memorial Stadium and the general Lincoln area for people who might be attending but not actually going to the game. We just want to make sure everybody gets there and leaves safely.”

The NSP helicopter is a critical part of their operations. Thomas says It provides an eye in the sky and if there are problem areas, they can get there quicker than a car on the ground. He says the troopers in the air can also assist local law enforcement of problems heading their way. The helicopter will be up both before and after the game.

Drivers are asked to do their part as well by staying alert due to the increased traffic volume, avoid distractions, buckle up and don’t drink and drive.

This effort is possible due to a $4,380 grant from the Nebraska Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office. This enforcement will include the first four home games of the season.

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