Nebraska BBB tips on returning unwanted gifts

December 29, 2018

LINCOLN - First retailers face the Christmas shopping rush and now they are facing the flip side, returns. This weekend will be one of the busiest at the customer service counters and Nebraska Better Business Bureau spokesperson Margo Riekes says if you are one of many making a return make sure the item has not been tampered with.Riekes says, “Do not take the tags off the think. Once the tags are off, it will probably be impossible to return them.” Take along the gift or original receipt to make the process easier for the store clerk.Next, pack your patience. Riekes says lines will be long and everyone has the same goal as you. She says sales clerks are overwhelmed right now with the sheer number of returns so if you are patient the outcome will be better for everyone. The more polite you are, the more likely clerks will be willing to help them.

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