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President Trump Visits Southern Border and Says Mexico Will Pay for the Wall through USMCA Trade Deal; President Trump Weighs in on Using

January 11, 2019

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<Head: President Trump Visits Southern Border and Says Mexico Will Pay for

the Wall through USMCA Trade Deal; President Trump Weighs in on Using

Powers in Declaring a National Emergency Versus Getting the Funding for the

Wall; Media is the Opposition Party Says President Trump; Democratic Party

Turning into Progressives and Leaning Mostly to the Left; 2020 Dem Hopefuls

Lean to the Left; Kevin Hart Answers Critics; APA: ’Traditional

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DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everyone. I’m Dana Perino along with Jedediah Bila, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld. It’s 5:00 in New York City and this is THE FIVE.

Fox News alert, President Trump in Texas today for a firsthand look at what he calls the humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border two days after a major Oval Office address and day 20 into the government shutdown, which remains at a stalemate.

Before he left, the president vowed not to cave on his desired border wall with Mexico and said he has the absolute right to declare emergency if he can’t reach a deal with the Democrats.


DONALD TRUMP. PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I have the absolute right to declare a national emergency. I haven’t done it yet. I may do it. If this doesn’t work out, probably I will do it. I would almost say definitely. If we declare a national emergency, we have a tremendous amount of funds, tremendous.


PERINO: And while on the ground in McAllen, Texas, the president doubled down on his claim that Mexico will be playing for the wall.


TRUMP: When I say Mexico is going to pay for the wall, do you think they’re going to write a check for $20 billion of $10 billion or $5 billion or 2 cents? No. They are paying for the wall in a great trade deal. Billions and billions of dollars a year will be made now as opposed to NAFTA which was a disaster.


PERINO: Trump let a border patrol agent explain the need for a wall.


RAUL ORTIZ, CUSTOMS AND BORDER PATROL: Just yesterday we apprehended 133 people from countries other than Central America and Mexico. That includes individuals from India, Pakistan, China, Romania, Ecuador, Nicaragua, on and on and on.

And so, I know we keep talking about the family unit and unaccompanied children. And that makes up about typically about 60 to 70 percent. We’ve seen a change over the last couple of weeks where that number is less then 50 percent of the apprehensions we make here in South Texas.

We have 55 miles of fence within the sector. We started the job in 2006. We need to finish that job. We’ve got the personnel. We need the technology and we need the resources. We need the infrastructure in order to control this border and manage it.


PERINO: All right, we’re going to take it around the table. Greg, let me start with you. The border patrol agent, that’s -- you’ve been recommending this, like let the border patrol agents speak for the need because they know what is going on down there.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, it is not just the agents. It’s also engineers because we need -- this kind of conversation requires a lot of nuance. Unfortunately, when you inject politics into anything, the first thing that disappears is nuance and compromise.

Politics is the carbon monoxide of thinking. It’s odorless, it’s colorless and when it enters the room, all ideas die. And so what they do -- so nuance and compromise drives me crazy, is replaced with the prison of two ideas.

So, even though Chuck agrees with Donald Trump and has agreed with him, he has to go to his respective prison. He has to go to that other prison cell, and he can’t come out, even though he agrees with Donald Trump. So everybody has to choose their side and they have to live in their own prisons and every day this goes on it creates more and more libertarians or people who are so disgusted by politics, they are forced to talk to their family instead which is good.

But by the way, the real winner at this border visit, Ted Cruz’s beard. He went from ted Cruz to cruise missile. I mean, I look at that and go, I’m not messing with that guy. He should -- if he had grown that beard in 2015 --


GUTFELD: -- he might be president or vice president.

PERINO: He will not be lying Ted.

GUTFELD: No, that would be --

WATTERS: We don’t need the wall. We just have Ted Cruz stand there with the beard.


WATTERS: And a jacket, just scare them away.

PERINO: Have you ever thought of growing a beard?

GUTFELD: I have tried. I think I grew a beard e3xcept it stops around the chin and it looks --

PERINO: You mean like, you have hair here but not on your --

GUTFELD: Yes, I have like mutton chops. Is that what they are called? Mutton chops. And then I get food in it, which is great.

WATTERS: You look Amish. I remember that.

PERINO: What about you? Any bear?

WATTERS: This is like two weeks I haven’t shaved. I’m like a baby. I haven’t hit puberty yet, Dana.

PERINO: Juan, any beard for you?

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS HOST: Yes, I can grow a beard. I had a beard over vacation. But I might say, I was worried about, you know, those terrorists crossing the border when I saw that guy standing behind the president and I realized it was Ted Cruz trying to make up for not a border wall but the absence of a chin.

PERINO: Oh, Juan.

GUTFELD: So you’re saying all terrorists have beards? All terrorists have beards?

WILLIAMS: No, I’m saying just like you said. What did you say, cruise missile?


PERINO: All right, let me ask you Jesse about this on today, there is an article this morning that a couple of the Democratic freshman who just won, the Democrats, who beat Republicans, right, in the close races, but they beat them fair and square.

Now, they are starting to say, we are actually for border security and this is not necessarily good that we are going to be in a position of not being able to build any coalitions or get anything done if this is our first attempt out of the gate. Do you think that there cracks in the Democratic opposition to getting President Trump this money for the wall?

WATTERS: I think the cracks are coming from the folks who are burning up the phone lines. That’s what politicians respond to, is letters and phone calls. If you start calling and clogging up the phone lines, they think their constituents are angry and they want border security and they will respond.

That’s the best part of democracy. Just pick up the phone and tell these guys what to do. They work for the people, not the other way around. So, you could see the needle moving a little bit. I honestly think this is the first time Trump has used the traditional presidential squeeze play on an issue.

You do the Oval Office address. You do the little photo op with the white hat. You do the social media. You ask people to call their congressman and maybe have a couple of rallies or something like that.

PERINO: Take a trip to the border.

WATTERS: You take a trip and then you threaten something, and right now it could be working. What the Democrats are trying to do though is they are trying to prolong this so the paychecks aren’t paid, one week, and that inflicts new pain into the conversation.

And that may affect the dynamic a little bit. So if they can time the paycheck miss a couple more weeks, even time it with the Mueller report.

PERINO: You know what I think though --

WATTERS: Could you imagine that double whammy right there?

PERINO: Yes, I don’t -- I still think that --

WATTERS: You said he was wrapping up.

PERINO: What, who was wrapping up?

WATTERS: Mueller. Imagine that comes at the same time as they are still shutdown.

PERINO: Well, I keep saying that. I keep saying that. Well, here’s the thing. I’m going to run -- this is my theory. I don’t have any. No one has told me this, but I think that the president, Jedediah, tomorrow is going to usurp the Democrats that he will declare this national emergency and be able to say I ended the shutdown because the Democrats wouldn’t do it.

I have the authority to do this national emergency. There is controversy around that but that he will be able to say, I’m ending the shutdown. I obviously approved the need for this border fence.

JEDEDIAH BILA, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Then he will get credit for ending the shutdown, but then you will have everyone coming after him for, oh, you acted unilaterally. You don’t care about Congress. You know, you didn’t do this the right way.

So, I mean, I think that would be -- I really think it would be a mistake for him to declare a national emergency even though I do think he has the authority to do it in this case. I think it would be a political mistake.

PERINO: Don’t you think he’s like marching his way up to --

BILA: Yes, absolutely because he keeps saying now, oh yes, you know, I am within my right to do it and if Democrats don’t help I’m going to have to do it. But to answer a question before too, I think that a lot of Democrats are coming forward and saying to people, other Democrats, this is one-tenth of one percent of the budget we are talking about here.

Do you really want to be on record as not wanting to give $5.6 billion for the border when we are asking for a $27 billion in foreign aid? I mean, this is not a good position to be in. This is a fraction and these are the very Democrats who have been on record, as we said in the past, as coming forth in favor of border security.

When you look at the polling around the country, people care about this issue. They want the border secure. They may not want the wall because that wall has been tied with President Trump and now they associate that with him, but they want border security.

So I think Democrats have to be really careful about this. And frankly, if they are held responsible for the shutdown, I think that’s going to be a big --

PERINO: But see, I think that, Juan, Democrats are not being held responsible for the shutdown up to now. That’s all obvious.

WILLIAMS: No, the polls are pretty clear. But so, in fact, David Drucker in the “Washington Examiner” today said, it looks to him like the Republicans have taken themselves hostage and they are trying to do things like, you know what, you can get your tax refunds, food stamps won’t be delayed for people.

They are trying to ameliorate the damage that comes from what is now I think 20-day shutdown, second longest in history. And the difficulty for Republicans especially Republicans in states like Colorado with Cory Gardner or even Lisa Murkowski up in Alaska states, either with Hispanic population, significant or a lot of federal workers, is that they feel that this is going to hurt them with voters.

So they are starting to hear from their constituents, hey, this isn’t such a great deal. And to go to what Jedediah was talking about, I think the news of today was that he didn’t declare the national emergency. And I think that part of that is that Republicans, maybe I shouldn’t say Republicans. I should say conservatives.

Remember how strongly conservatives criticized presidents in the past for acting in a tyrannical or despotic way and just saying I am going around Congress. Never once in American history has an emergency been declared when the president could not get funding for an issue through the Congress of the United States and went around the Congress. That is not in keeping with our constitution. I think a lot of conservatives have real problems with it.

WATTERS: I thought the news of the day was that there were people from 140 different countries or 40 different countries besides Central America that were trying to cross the border that they apprehended. It’s like a United Nations migration into the United States of America and the border patrol said Pakistan, India, Romania -- people from Romania, Juan. They are coming too. You can’t call the president racist. He’s trying to stop Romanians too.

WILLIAMS: Let me just tell you something. Check the airports if you really want to see people from all over which is the primary source of illegal immigration. Let’s actually have a conversation. One last thing before we go --

WATTERS: So if they get to the airport you’d let them in to?

GUTFELD: It’s not primary harmful, harmful effect.

WILLIAMS: There is no harmful effect. No terrorist --

WATTERS: Really no?

WILLIAMS: No terrorist has ever crossed the southern border --

GUTFELD: Interesting. You sound like a rich Californian, Juan.

BILA: One in three women gets sexually assaulted.

WILLIAMS: Look, that’s a side --

GUTFELD: You sound like a rich Californian who wants your cheap labor. That’s what you sound like.

WILLIAMS: Here’s the real issue. Right now, “Politico” is reporting that Republicans in the Senate went to the president and said let’s make a deal to reopen the government and then let’s talk about upgrading border security.

BILA: Now that’s waste (ph).

WILLIAMS: The Democrats said OK, but the president said no.

BILA: That’s a waste of time. You’re never going to get the border security.

WILLIAMS: No, you’ll get the wall. You might not get the wall.

BILA: How many Ronald Reagan -- how many Ronald Reagan mistakes do you have to make when you go to Democrats and you say, you know what, we’ll do this. OK, you cave and then you never get your end of the deal.

WILLIAMS: Democrats care about border security.

BILA: People are dying as a result of this.

GUTFELD: They don’t act like it.

PERINO: We have so much more show to get to so I’ve got to tease.

GUTFELD: I thought you say -- you weren’t going to say show.

PERINO: What was I going to say?

GUTFELD: It sounded like something else.

PERINO: I don’t know what it was. Once again, I don’t get the joke but I’m going to get it in a commercial break. Trump blast reporters for their coverage of yesterday’s meeting with Democrats. We’ll play that next.


WATTERS: President Trump has been on a tear against the media over the past 24 hours, labeling them the opposition party after their coverage of yesterday’s meeting with Democrats. It all started with a late-night twitter storm, “The mainstream media has never been more dishonest than it is now. NBC and MSNBC are going crazy. They report stories, purposely, the exact opposite of the facts. They are truly the opposition party working with the Dems. May even be worse than fake news CNN, if that is possible.” Then as he’s leaving for the border, Trump said this.


TRUMP: The media which I call the opposition party, a lot of the media, in coordination with the Democrats, they are not talking about the Democrats.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You walked out on the Democrats, are you going to bring them back? How can you get a deal if you’re not talking?

TUMP: I didn’t pound the tables. I didn’t raise my voice. That was a lie. I very calmly said if you’re not going to give us strong borders, bye-bye and I left. I didn’t rant. I didn’t rave like you reported. I very calmly walked out of the room. I didn’t smash the table. I should have but I didn’t smash the table. And that’s the story.


WATTERS: And while the media continues to try to trap Trump in a lie, CNN’s Jim Acosta botched this attempt to take down the president.


JIM ACOSTA, CNN CHIEF WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Here are some of the steel slats that the president has been talking about, right here. As you can see, yes, you can see through these slats to the other side of the U.S.-Mexico border. But as we’re walking along here, were not seeing any kind of imminent danger. There are no migrants trying to rush toward the fence here in the McAllen, Texas, area.

As a matter of fact, there are some other businesses behind me along this highway. There is a gas station, Burger King, and so on but no sign of the national emergency that the president has been talking about. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty tranquil down here.


WATTERS: Pretty tranquil because walls work, Jim. I think you just made the president’s point for him. Greg.

GUTFELD: That was paid for by the Donald Trump 2020 reelection campaign. I mean, he is in a spot at a wall and says, see, there is no problem here. He may be dumber than we initially thought, which says a lot or I think it could be a really long prank like, you know, Andy Kaufman, when Andy Kaufman pretended to be this character all the way until his death.

I think that he is playing this role and by the way, it’s amazing. Look, the media has no credibility on this issue because just weeks ago, they called this a humanitarian crisis, right? There were people rushing the border. There are caravans where people died and they are suffering.

And then, when Donald Trump agrees and says this is a humanitarian crisis, they turn into this mocking tone, what crisis? There is no crisis here. Look at this wall. I mean, they are the biggest hypocrites. It is hard not to -- it’s hard to like them. It’s easy to despise them.

BILA: The problem is that Obama called this a humanitarian crisis. Trump tweeted that out and the media is on record so many times as having defended him and so many times as having come in to defended Chuck Schumer and all those Democrats that voted for border security that now, they are panicked about how they conflict that now, to hate Trump for espousing the very same things that all those Democrats did that the media back them up on. That’s their problem.

WILLIAMS: I don’t get that at all.

BILA: They are. They absolutely are.

WATTERS: -- all the questions for you, Juan. So the media, all of them gathered down there to look at the photo op here and you have the border patrol and they make an announcement that 90 percent of the traffic comes in this sector where there is no barrier, OK. Only six percent of the traffic comes where there is a barrier.

You’d think the media would take an expert opinion like this and maybe write it down in one of their news stories and show hey, the experts on the ground say walls work.

WILLIAMS: No, that’s again, that’s how you distort numbers.

WATTERS: Juan, I didn’t distort the numbers. This is what the guy said.

WILLIAMS: Yes, you -- here’s the reality. There’s not a wall across most of the border, Jesse.

WATTERS: I understand that, Juan. They have a certain wall --

WILLIAMS: OK. And by the way, I didn’t understand --

WATTERS: -- in a very specific sector, it really slows down traffic.

WILLIAMS: OK. OK. OK. Let me just say the media went down there. The president himself and I think a lot of the anger at the media came from the session with anchors that was supposed to be off the record. “New York Times” reports the president said he didn’t want to give the speech on Tuesday night.

He didn’t want to go to the border. He didn’t see the purpose. And then pointing at the people behind him, Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Bill Shine, and said these people think it’s a good idea. Apparently he didn’t. But here’s the reality, you have a situation now.

WATTERS: So they violated the off the record --

WILLIAMS: Also then, if -- you know what, I thought this was the most transparent president ever. Have it on the record Mr. President.

GUTFELD: You guys certainly mind reading that --

WILLIAMS: Oh my god.

GUTFELD: You know exactly what he’s thinking every time. He didn’t want to go. Who cares?

WILLIAMS: All right, so, he didn’t -- but so then he retweets. What’s in the retweet? He doesn’t retweet the meeting. He retweets Brad Pascall (ph), Dan Bongino, Charlie Kurtz. He’s like he’s in a conservative echo chamber.

WATTERS: OK, so Trump is active on social media. Thank you, Juan. Dana?

PERINO: Yes, Jesse?

WATTERS: So, you have these off the record things and then you go down there for this opportunity to showcase the border. The media is following along. Do you think this is going to make any impact with the press whatsoever?

PERINO: Well one, on the thing about the off the record being violated, that is -- I don’t think it was that egregious. I would not like it if that happened to me, but I also would not be surprised if there weren’t other people who were calling Maggie Haberman, the “New York Times” reporter and telling her that exact same thing because we know this is what happens.

The White House will say that’s not true and then three months later you found that, oh, that is exactly what happened. On the fact that the media - - how did we find out today that the Democrats have cracks in their coalition? I read that in a “Politico” piece today because the reporters are out there doing their jobs. It’s not all fake news. Some of the reporting has actually been pretty good.

The other thing though that bothered me is that the other day on “The Daily,” “The New York Times” podcast, they turn this crisis thing into -- the headline was, “It’s a crisis of his own making.” Right, because they said he changed the asylum rules and how you apply for asylum, so that’s why all these people flooded the border.

But that doesn’t -- if you go back to, as Jedediah was saying in the Obama administration, remember when that was a humanitarian crisis. They didn’t say that was Obama’s own making. And so that is a frustrating thing because there is clearly a bias there or unwillingness to look back into a fair comparison.

BILA: Also, the Mexican drug cartels and all the drug trafficking and what’s going on in Mexico is also not part -- that’s not Trump’s fault. He needs to broaden this discussion. People don’t like the term wall. He needs to talk about, yes, he needs to talk about barriers but he also needs to talk about going after these cartels.

He needs to talk about problems he has with the State Department that wants diplomacy all the time and doesn’t prioritize going after these cartels. And he needs to talk about the humanitarian crisis that Democrats have been making that case for years and the media backed them up. That needs to be the priority, not just the fence.

WATTERS: All right, just how far the left is the Democrat party going? We will examine some of their most outrageous proposals up next.


WILLIAMS: Is the Democratic Party moving at a more progressive direction? Some possible 2020 contenders are toying with liberal friendly policies like the green new deal. That package aims to eliminate much of the U.S. fossil fuel consumption. At least eight potential Democratic candidates have voiced support for it or touted aspects of the proposal.

Meanwhile, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio set to embark on a cross- country tour. He wants to explain his progressive vision after announcing plans to launch guaranteed health care for all residents of New York City, including illegal immigrants.


BILL DE BLASIO: MAYOR OF NEW YORK CITY: I will definitely be going around the country talking about ideas like paid personal time. It’s an idea I think is needed across this whole country now. This is a national crisis so I’m going to go all over the country and talk about that.


WILLIAMS: And remember, all of this is coming on the heels of California governor Gavin Newsom announcing that he wants health care for all Californians. Jesse, do you see the Democratic Party sort of going too far to the left? I noted that there is a new poll that indicates now that half of all Democrats say they are liberals, which is a historic high point.

WATTERS: Well, selfishly I’m going to agree with Mayor de Blasio. I think paid personal time is a brilliant idea. Two weeks paid for personal time. I think the Democrats -- I think I might change parties. Wow. I mean, it will wreck the economy, if you can do that but I mean, personally, I think it’s a great idea.

I think what’s happening is the Democratic Party is shifting left from the ground up. It starts in these little laboratories in the cities, on San Francisco and New York City. And you get these radical mayors that have no resistance. They are the resistance but there is no one resisting them in these locales.

Ans they are just kind of pushing and pushing and pushing and no one is pushing back. You know, it used to have Rudy here or you’d still have some conservatives out west. It doesn’t exist any longer. So, they are just going to go as far as they can possibly go and then the people that are running for president are then going to listen to them because that’s where the base is.

And they are going to say, you know what, that sounds great. And that’s why you see Ocasio-Cortez say raise taxes to 70 percent and then all these other people are agreeing with her that her running for president. So it’s mainstreaming radicalism.

WILLIAMS: Hang on. Marginal tax rates for people who make more than $10 million.

WATTERS: Well, I would like to get there one day, Juan, and I don’t want to pay 70 percent.

WILLIAMS: OK, all right. So Dana, you have a situation where people say, well, we have increased income inequality in America. We have a health care crisis in America. What you see is the Democrats responding to the realities of our time. Do you buy that?

PERINO: I think that if younger people in America say that they believe socialism is better than capitalism, that we ought to take that very seriously. That it’s not a passing fad. They talk about it amongst themselves. They’re learning about in school. And one day, they will be running for office. And it’s like every generation seems to have to relearn this lesson.

Today in The Wall Street Journal, Jesse, there was an op-ed about how Sweden saved itself from socialism, that their idea of what is actually happening in Sweden is not true. They have deregulated transportation. They actually have competition for the post office. So --

WATTERS: They’ve privatized your Social Security, and they’ve cut taxes, as well.

PERINO: So -- but on the flip side, it’s interesting to watch somebody like Gavin Newsom this week and now Mayor de Blasio, in the same week, Democrats, progressive Democrats, talking about the No. 1 issue from the last two years, and that’s health care. While everybody in Washington is talking about $5 billion for border fence.

So I think that they’ve got the right idea, but I do feel for some of the Democrats, like for example, Congressman Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey, moderate kind of guy, problem solvers kind of guy. He actually has a bill to restore the SALT deductions, right, for all the people that live in the northeast in California so that they can actually have those tax deductions back. He wants to cut taxes, while the new progressive energy in the party is talking about raising taxes to 70 percent.

There’s a big disconnect there and they -- the moderates are going to have to speak with a much louder voice.

WILLIAMS: So Jedediah, when you hear these conversations about health care, income inequalities we’ve been discussing, it also extends to energy efficiency and climate change. And I know that’s the devil for conservatives.

BILA: No -- I mean, no, but think about what they’re saying. I mean, it was so ridiculous that, when AOC did that interview with Anderson Cooper, who is not a right winger, he was like, “Are you saying everyone’s going to be mandated to drive an electric car in ten years?”

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