Need a whatchamacallit? Check out this yard sale at Florence church

May 3, 2019

FLORENCE, S.C. — Everything, including a kitchen sink, a person would need to setup housekeeping can be had at the United Methodist Women of Central United Methodist Church’s yard sale starting Friday.

Well, almost everything. There won’t be mattresses, cribs, high chairs and other things that age out quickly or require a recall check to be sold safely.

Everything else, though, will be there.

“You can put the lamps in, the pictures in, the linens, the furniture, pots and pans and coffee pots and get a good book to read when you’re finished,” said organizer Nancy Rawl. Other available items include shop tools, fans, bicycles, golf clubs, glassware, a wedding dress and a three-man inflatable raft — with paddles and pump.

One hall of the church is occupied by rugs, all for sale.

If a vintage copy of the “Captain from Castile” is your speed, there’s one of those — and several others of its ilk. The book, not the Tyrone Power/Cesar Romero/Jean Peters 1947 movie.

“Look at the James Patterson over there,” said Mary Davidson as she organized the book room of the yard sale, alluding to a pile of Patterson’s books that crossed from one table to the other.

“Everything is 50 cents except for these; they’re the huge price of $2 — the coffee table books,” Davidson said.

The annual event raises more than $30,000, which the church donates to missions across the Pee Dee. A list of the missions is taped to the wall above the checkout table in the church’s gym.

That annual donation from the church is raised through the yard sale and a barbecue sale.

The yard sale will also feature a bake sale.

“We need everybody’s help to come by to do that,” Rawl said.

The yard sale runs Friday from 4 to7 p.m. and Saturday from 7 to 1 p.m. at the church, located at the corner or Irby and Cheves streets in Florence. Entrance to the sale will be on the Cheves side of the building.