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Kline Loses 25 Pounds for ‘House’

November 9, 2001

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LOS ANGELES (AP) _ In his new film, ``Life as a House,″ Kevin Kline’s character bravely faces impending death, spending his final months building his dream home and patching things up with his estranged family.

But in real life, Kline says, ``I live in mortal fear every day. I think we all do. You know, our culture is built around denial of death. It’s something that’s there, like taxes. It’s going to happen to all of us, and we tend not to think of it. Unlike other religions and other cultures that dwell on it.″

Kline has said he lost 25 pounds to play the part.

His secrets to losing weight for the role?

``Ate less. Exercised more,″ the 54-year-old actor told reporters recently. ``I had a wonderful nutritionist-trainer who had also worked with Tom Hanks on `Philadelphia’ and `Cast Away.′ And he knew just what I could eat to still be nourished and healthy and knew how to train me three or four times a week to burn up what few calories I ingested.″

As for playing a guy who’s dying, Kline says, ``It’s an imaginative leap that actors make. ... You magnify your own life experience if necessary.″

``Life as a House,″ already in theaters in limited release, opens nationwide on Friday.

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