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Japan Invites Reagans to Post-Retirement Visit

December 2, 1988

WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Reagan and his wife Nancy have been invited to Japan after they leave the White House, to receive ″a national welcome″ from the Japanese people, officials said Thursday.

During a White House visit Thursday, Japanese Foreign Minister Sousuke Uno renewed an invitation to the Reagans to visit Japan after the president steps down in January. Reagan expressed appreciation and said he hopes to travel in the future but has no firm plans, said a U.S. official who demanded anonymity.

Leaving the White House, Uno quoted Reagan as saying he intends to maintain the close personal contact he developed in office with Yasuhiro Nakasone and Noboru Takeshita, the previous and current Japanese prime ministers.

Uno gave the president a personal letter from Takeshita and told Reagan and his successor, Vice President George Bush that Takeshita hopes to visit Washington early in 1989, said Japanese Foreign Ministry official Yukio Okamoto.

Reagan expressed interest in Uno’s planned Dec. 19-21 meeting in Tokyo with Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze, telling the Japanese minister he should be able to handle Soviet relations well since he had lived in a Soviet camp for two years, Okamoto said.

Uno replied that the fact that he was a detention camp internee at the end of World War II ″does not influence his decisions as a public official, and as foreign minister he deals with the Soviet Union on a very fair basis,″ Okamoto said.

Uno said at the State Department on Wednesday that Japan hopes the thaw in superpower relations will help Japan get back northern islands occupied by the Soviet Union after World War II.

Okamoto said Uno also told the president that Japan would coordinate policy with the United States at next week’s global trade talks in Montreal.

Uno told the president that ″from the standpoint of promoting the free trade system, he would coordinate with the United States in order to assure success in the round″ of trade talks, Okamoto said.

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