Letter to the editor: Don’t reward Dems

November 12, 2018

It should be painfully obvious that my once proud, family- and labor-advocating, God-fearing, patriotic Democratic Party has been highjacked by the ruthless, America-hating progressive movement and left me abandoned.

It is observation, not accusation, that the party has become the party of mob rule, with its unhinged and allegedly paid radical gangs. Their disruptive temper tantrums, property destruction, harassment and threats of violence terrorize those who oppose them.

The Democrats now espouse open borders, subjecting our citizens to crime and disease from uncontrolled immigration. They outwardly promote socialism, have removed God from their party platform and support unrestricted abortion.

They want to pack the Supreme Court with liberals who will ignore the Constitution, overrule Congress and dictate policy from the bench. Their recent disgusting attempt to destroy constitutionalist Justice Brett Kavanaugh and their heartless exploitation of an obviously emotionally troubled Christine Blasey Ford in that effort are enough to make any normal person sick to the stomach.

So, please, let’s not reward obnoxious and bullying behavior. Much good is happening for our country under Trump, despite all of his warts. Let’s not spite ourselves by letting personal hatred for him allow the progressive Democrats to take control of Congress and end it all.

Bob McBride

West Deer

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