Study predicts development in Milton will push local traffic to capacity

May 3, 2019

MILTON - The city of Milton is seeing a lot of new development, including the construction of the Grand Patrician Resort and a new Valley Health facility on the old Mountaineer Opry House property, and these new developments are expected to bring thousands of new visitors and residents to the currently little town.

And with new visitors and residents comes more traffic, meaning something needs to be done to accommodate more vehicles on the roads.

Carpenter Marty Transportation presented its Milton Traffic Mobility Study to the public Thursday evening in the City Council chamber at City Hall. KYOVA Interstate Planning Commission contracted the Columbus, Ohio-based consulting agency to conduct the study.

The study assessed the volume of traffic for major roadways in Milton - U.S. 60, Bill Blenko Drive, James River Turnpike and John Morris Road from the Interstate 64 interchange to where it meets U.S. 60. The study found John Morris Road and U.S. 60 heading toward Culloden are approaching capacity and are likely to reach capacity once new developments are completed.

“It’s going to take most of the Grand Patrician before it’s going to push these over capacity, so it’s not going to happen soon,” said John Gallagher, director of traffic and planning services with Carpenter Marty Transportation.

The study shows that the portion of John Morris Road serves 13,050 vehicles per day, and U.S. 60 going east from John Morris Road serves 11,130 vehicles. The study estimates those numbers to increase to 17,220 and 16,430 vehicles, respectively, after new developments are finished.

Past traffic data, field observations of peak traffic periods and existing traffic volumes and conditions were compiled and analyzed to determine the current capacity of the roadways.

Gallagher said in addition to the Grand Patrician and other new construction happening in Milton, the anticipated Interstate 64 interchange at Culloden was considered.

The proposed Culloden Interchange Project, which has not yet reached decision, would be built at Benedict Road. A connector to U.S. 60 from Benedict Road at Virginia Avenue would also be built; it has two proposed locations. Pending the completion of that project, the additional route would partially take on some of the traffic through Milton and to the Grand Patrician, Gallagher said.

The next steps will be to review input from the public and develop and submit a draft report of the identified problems before recommendations will be made to address the issues.

Gallagher said these recommendations could include altering intersections and expanding the lanes of roadways.

Questions about the Milton Traffic Mobility Study can be directed to Bethany Wild of KYOVA at bwild@kyovaioc.org.

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