Stamford reacts: Hate poster ditches Dems; newlywed stabs husband in the back

March 31, 2019

Stamford rep cited for posting hate messages quits Democratic Party“Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”— StamfordNative66 via stamfordadvocate.com“How can she continue to ask why people assume she wrote those posts? They are on her personal Facebook page. This is like catching a child with crumbs on their face and the child denying they ate the cookies. You said it. You did it. You own it.”— EvenStephen via stamfordadvocate.com“‘They have no idea if I posted those things or not,’ ...well, no one is stopping her from making a claim that someone else posted it for her.....”— Hmmm via stamfordadvocate.comPolice: Jealousy sparks newlywed stabbing in Stamford apartment“At least this time the stabbing wasn’t AT Bradford’s. It was once they got home FROM Bradford’s.”— ErnieG via stamfordadvocate.com“i hope DCF takes those kids out of that house”— TAKINGBACKOURTOWN via stamfordadvocate.com“That is one healthy marriage”— AdvocatforDummies via stamfordadvocate.com“Stamford is a dangerous place for husbands lately...”— Fandy1 via stamfordadvocate.comStamford reps may stop work on West Main Street bridge“If they bid on the job make them adhere to the original cost.”— Roberta Pollard via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“Ahhhh, but the city found money to start this Mill River project before donations began its foot hole into this park. Where are they to be found now? Putting their name on the bridge! No where? The longer to put this off the higher the cost. And oh by the way? Hope you (the city) will audit the cost over run. Like so many businesses do to save money.”— Ed Eilertsen via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate‘Turns out the firm determined that fixing the bridge will cost $336,000 more than originally anticipated.” I wonder how much of the extra costs, which we all know will rise, will be going into Mayor “Do Nothing” Martin’s pockets? No business would ever operate this way.”— Mark D Plotzky via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate