Active shooter drill planned for Nash County high school

August 8, 2018

An active shooter training drill at Fort Bragg Thursday put the Womack Army Medical Center to the test.

Several law enforcement agencies will head to Nash County on Tuesday to learn what to do and how to respond to an active shooter.

There are two staging areas for the active shooter drill.

The first is at Nash County Community College, where up to 100 representatives from 15 local agencies, including officers, fire and medical staff, will participate.

The training itself happens at Nash Central High School, where a few teachers and students will carry out a mock exercise simulating a regular school day.

When “emergency” strikes, the agencies will come in and work together to respond.

“As we review the shootings that occur in schools and other areas, we have to be prepared to act instantly to address the threat and to decrease the further people from being injured or killed,” said Deputy Chief Brandon Medina.

“We don’t lose motor skills, which is why we can ride a bike after not riding after several years. However, cognitive skills diminish after a period of not using the skills. Ensuring responding and support personnel have the baseline of how to respond and what to do will help reduce the likelihood of further citizens being harmed as first responders work together to address the issue.”

Participants will arrive at the school at 6:30 a.m., and the event will begin at 8. The training is scheduled to last five hours.

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