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May 13, 1988

LONDON (AP) _ Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Miriam Makeba, Dire Straits and the Eurythmics are among the musicians who will mark jailed black South African leader Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday with a 10-hour rock extravaganza.

The Anti-Apartheid Movement said the June 11 concert will be the high point of five months of birthday celebrations and rallies for Mandela. Proceeds will go to the AAM and South African charities.

The movement said the concert lineup also includes Simple Minds, the Bees Gees, the Fat Boys, Hugh Masekela, Ashford and Simpson, Joe Cocker, Roberta Flack, Natalie Cole, George Michael and Sade.

The hosts will include singer Harry Belafonte and comedian Whoopi Goldberg, said publicist Caroline Turner.

The concert will be broadcast live on British television and screened by satellite to more than a dozen countries, including the United States, she said. Six hours of the concert will be telecast in the United States by Fox Broadcasting.


VILAMOURA, Portugal (AP) - King Juan Carlos of Spain helped a Spanish navy team win a yachting regatta in southern Portugal during a private visit to the country where he spent much of his youth, the Portuguese news agency Lusa reported Friday.

Lusa said Juan Carlos joined the crew of the Spanish navy yacht Sirius II on Thursday when it won its class in a race in the Algarve Cup/88 yachting regatta.


TOKYO (AP) - Tokyo District Court has dismissed a suit filed by a 48-year- old man who demanded $73 for mental damages he claimed he suffered when a concert by Madonna was canceled due to bad weather, a court official said Friday.

In the suit, filed against the concert tour sponsor, Tokyo Broadcasting System, office worker Kazunari Igarashi demanded that Madonna return for a make-up concert, according to the official who spoke on condition he not be identified.

Madonna’s Tokyo debut performance, one of the five concerts scheduled, was canceled June 20, 1987, because of rain and wind. The court ruled the suit ″inappropriate″ because a make-up concert is impossible without cooperation from Madonna, the official said.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Singer-songwriter John Prine says he now keeps his stories close to the truth during concerts, but he still sometimes tells tales longer than his songs.

″I used to stand there and make up bald-faced lies. I’d stand there and say, ‘Well, here’s a song about ...,’ and I’d just ramble on, making it up as I went,″ Prine said in an interview published Thursday in the Nashville Banner.


HACKENSACK, N.J. (AP) - Mary Beth Whitehead-Gould is writing a book about the Baby M case, and the child’s father and his wife want to know what the surrogate mother plans to say before the book comes out.

William and Elizabeth Stern filed a motion, released Thursday, asking for the right to final approval and to prohibit the use of any baby pictures of 2- year-old Melissa Stern, who lives with the Sterns.

Mrs. Whitehead-Gould has been working on the book for a year with a Pennsylvania writer, Loretta Schwartz-Nobel. St. Martin’s Press has said it will publish it next year.

Attorney Harold J. Cassidy has written Superior Court Judge Birger M. Sween to say his client, the surrogate mother, feels the judge’s order of April 6 that the parties cannot publicly discuss the case does not apply to her relationship with Baby M before the date of the order.

But the Sterns said in an April 28 motion that they should be allowed to review the manuscript and if necessary seek restraints on discussion of the child.

Mrs. Whitehead-Gould agreed in 1985 to bear a child for Stern for $10,000. She later sought to keep the baby, setting off a widely publicized court case. The child lives with the Sterns in Tenafly, and her mother sees her one day a week.


NEW YORK (AP) - Sandy Duncan says she fit into ″Valerie’s Family″ so well, the producers are thinking of putting her name on the show that once starred Valerie Harper.

″People were wary at first,″ Ms. Duncan says in the May 15 issue of Parade magazine about her initiation as Sandy Hogan on the show Ms. Harper walked out on in a contract dispute.

″But the Valerie thing was not of global importance, and I said so, and now nobody asks me about it anymore.″

She said the show was doing well and ″will probably be renewed for next season, but they’re thinking of calling it ‘The Hogan Family.’ We already got sweaters and jackets with Hogan labels.″