ROME, Ga. (AP) _ William J. Rowston and his 1921 silver dollar are almost inseparable.

He carried it on 31 World War II bombing missions on B-29s.

And now he's got it back 17 years after it was stolen.

Street Department employees Jim Trapp and Rodney Henshaw found the coin Thursday after cleaning about three feet of dirt out of a storm drain catch basin.

''We had just got done digging with the backhoe and were going to go to lunch when I looked down in the hole. 'Is that a coin down there?' I asked. I jumped down and picked it up and washed it off at the water keg,'' Trapp said.

It was engraved: 31 missions, William J. Rowston, Japan, Guam, 1945.

Rowston, 71, said the dollar was stolen from his home in 1976.

''That was awful nice of them to look me up,'' said the former Air Force pilot.

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