BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) _ Pia Zadora got hundreds of phone calls after she advertised for the return of one of her dogs. However, most of the callers were not concerned about the dog.

''Mostly wackos are calling,'' said the entertainer's manager, Tino Barzie. ''One guy even got on the line and started barking at me. The answering service is going crazy. Hundreds of calls have come in. We can't keep up.''

Miss Zadora discovered the dog missing when she returned last week from an appearance in Las Vegas, Nev. The weekend newspaper advertisement offered a reward for the return of Toki, a white female Akita.

''Actually, Toki and the female puppy, Mika, were both gone,'' Miss Zadora said Sunday, blaming their disappearance on ''new help in the house.''

''I fired the help,'' she said. Actress Linda Evans found Mika.

Miss Zadora said she included her name in the ad to attract attention, and has branded her other dogs as a precaution.


BILOXI, Miss. (AP) - The first film adaption of a Eudora Welty short story will premiere here Sunday.

Ms. Welty's story, ''The Wide Net,'' is set in rural Mississippi in the 1930s. It was filmed last September on locations in rural Harrison County near Biloxi, on the Black Creek and in Wiggins.

It is to be broadcast Feb. 2 on public television's American Playhouse series.

Rachel McPerson, one of the film's producers, is a native of Monticello. And director Anthony Herrera, who stars in the CBS soap opera ''As The World Turns,'' is originally from Wiggins.


AVON PARK, Fla. (AP) - Roswell Gilbert, serving a life sentence for the fatal shooting of his ailing wife, said Monday that the television movie about the case was ''factual but traumatic.''

''It's an odd experience,'' the 77-year-old retired engineer said in an interview from Avon Park Correctional Institution.

''At one part, I almost walked out. I didn't want to come unglued.''

He said he watched the NBC drama ''Mercy or Murder?'' Sunday night with about 25 inmates at the minimum-security prison.

Scenes of his wife's bout with the degenerative diseases of Alzheimer's and osteoporosis made him cry, he said. He still maintained he did no wrong in shooting Emily Gilbert, his wife of 51, years, two years ago.

''I have no regrets about it ... I couldn't stand to see her suffering. She wanted to die,'' Gilbert said.

Throughout the movie, Robert Young, who portrayed Gilbert, spoke of how he wanted no sympathy for his decision. But Gilbert said after spending 18 months in prison, he just wants to get out.

Sympathy now ''might get me out of here,'' he said.

Gilbert said he would get 10 percent of $50,000 paid him for the movie, with the rest going to his lawyer, and said he might give the money for Alzheimer's research.


NEW YORK (AP) - Tell us, Debra Winger, how do you really feel about the people you worked with on ''Legal Eagles''?

''I never worked with such pigs,'' said the actress in an interview published in the February issue of Vanity Fair.

Miss Winger said she had ''fallen out of interest with the film and was on automatic'' by the time the cameras rolled.

''I think it shows, but it didn't call for much more. That's very dispiriting, but it happens sometimes,'' she said.

She said she spent two months researching her role as a lawyer familiar with the New York art world, spending days in the courts and at galleries. But her suggestions for the movie, which co-starred Robert Redford, were ignored, she said.

''The people that I worked with laughed at me. That hurt a lot. I was never called on once,'' she said.


PEKING (AP) - Former British Prime Minister Edward Heath will conduct a Chinese orchestra in a charity concert in Peking this April.

At a press conference Monday, Deng Pufang, son of top leader Deng Xiaoping and director of the China Welfare Fund for the Handicapped, said proceeds would be used to build a rehabilitation center in Shandong province.

The event will take place in the Great Hall of the People, which seats 8,000.

Heath, a frequent visitor to China, will conduct Peking's Central Philharmonic Orchestra in Dvorak's ''New World Symphony'' and pieces by Tchaikovsky and Elgar. Handicapped instrumentalists will also perform Chinese songs.

The former prime minister was trained as an organist, has conducted many Western orchestras and choirs and has written books on music.