A record 57 home runs were hit in the major leagues Friday night, two more than the previous mark set last Aug. 13.

While the record last year was set in 17 games, there were 15 in the major leagues Friday night.

The 36 homers in the American League were a record for a league in one day, topping the previous mark of 30, accomplished twice previously in the AL (June 10, 1962, and June 14, 1964), and three times in the NL (May 8, 1970, last July 2 and last Aug. 13).

Baltimore and Detroit combined to hit nine homers at Camden Yards, and Texas and Toronto hit seven at The Ballpark in Arlington.

Charles Johnson homered for the fourth time in three games for Baltimore. His three-run homer highlighted a six-run fifth inning as the teams combined for five home runs in the inning to tie a major league record.

Cleveland's Omar Vizquel hit his fourth career grand slam in the Indians' 14-5 victory at Tampa Bay.

Texas' Royce Clayton and Kansas City's Mike Sweeney came up big, too. Clayton hit two of Texas' five homers in the Rangers' 11-5 victory over Toronto, and Sweeney had two homers in the Royals' 10-6 victory over Minnesota.

Sammy Sosa hit his first homer of the season in the Chicago Cubs' 10-6 victory in Cincinnati, and Alex Rodriguez hit his 150th homer in Seattle's 7-5 victory over the New York Yankees. The total could have been 58, but Seattle's Mike Cameron climbed the center-field wall to rob the Yankees' Derek Jeter of what would have been his second home run.

Home runs have increased with expansion, which began in 1961. Records for homers are tracked in two record books, one issued by the Elias Sports Bureau, the other by The Sporting News.