Hay donations needed for ag producers in eastern Nebraska

March 23, 2019

COLUMBUS — The hay on the ground at the Platte County Ag Park is set to be dispersed almost as quickly as it’s coming in, Brian Palmer, the park’s general manager, said Friday. Palmer said that so far more than 40 semi-loads of hay have been donated and are inbound to Columbus where they are destined for farms and ranches where producers and livestock are in need after devastating floods tore through the eastern part of the state last week.

“Everyone here is keeping their heads above water — both figuratively and literally,” he said. “They’re pitching in and getting things done.”

A rancher calving 300 head of cattle by the Loup River was going through about 10 bales a day before the historic floods hit last week, Palmer said.

“Every bit of his hay was gone,” he said.

And while Platte County had seen bad flooding during the early 90s, Palmer said the damage was unprecedented.

“This is crazy and widespread, and there are no rules really written on how to handle it,” he said. “We have to kind of plan as we go and be appreciative of the generosity of other people and figure out how we can best spread that out to the people in need.”

“We really appreciate the outpouring of concern and care from so many people,” he said.

If you are interested in donating hay, contact Brian Palmer at 402-270-4455 to make arrangements for dropping off donations. He also asks that individuals email him at palmer@agpark.com with what donations they’ve sent.

“I’ve forgotten everyone’s name that has talked to me on the phone, but if they can send me an email with what they are sending, that helps me keep good track of what’s being sent and where it is coming from,” he said. “Also, the people around here will want to thank those who are helping.”