Electric scooters have brought chaos and outrage in cities across the country. Is Philly next?

August 20, 2018
An electric scooter from Lime, one of several companies crowding into cities around the country, often without permission.

By Staff

In cities across the country, they’ve appeared seemingly out of nowhere, like mushrooms sprouting after a rainstorm. Dockless electric scooters — the latest sharing-economy disrupter — have been dumped, without warning, on sidewalks from San Francisco to Baltimore to Providence, as companies follow the Uber model of invading a city first and asking permission later. In response, they’ve been met with cease-and-desist orders, after-the-fact regulation, outright bans and even vigilante activism, as citizens have hurled the devices into rivers, set them on fire, buried them or simply deposited them helpfully in trash cans.

Could Philly be next?

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