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Cuomo Commission Economic Report Sounds Like Clinton Campaign Speech

November 17, 1992

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) _ A commission formed by Gov. Mario Cuomo offered a set of policy prescriptions Monday for President-elect Clinton, including dramatic spending increases and universal health care.

The Cuomo Commission on Competitiveness began work on the report, titled ″America’s Agenda,″ two years ago. Its suggestions include many that Clinton championed in his successful campaign against President Bush.

The report called for $50 billion in new spending in the first year, with military spending cuts and higher taxes on the rich to pay for new programs and reduce the deficit.

It called for increased government spending in education, job training, transportation, technology and urban programs. It also suggested tax credits to promote investment and research.

″I believe we can find the will and the wallet to regain our economic strength, restore our sense of national purpose, and preserve the American dream for future generations,″ said Cuomo, who waffled for months before choosing not to run for president.

The commission is comprised of bankers, academics, business people, union representatives and members of state government.

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