Evers has right approach to prisons -- Emile Nadeau

November 16, 2018

I read with interest the article in Tuesday’s State Journal, ” Evers facing tough sell on prison reform.” I also heard him address this issue on the campaign trail. I strongly support his efforts on this issue.

One thing that was missing from the article was the cost savings that would occur if we channeled drug and other non-violent offenders into halfway houses and other community rehabilitation programs rather than sending them off to prison, sometimes for long stretches. Many studies have shown that, not only is this a far less expensive approach than incarceration, but also one that is likely to significantly reduce recidivism, which further cuts back on justice-related expenses.

We only have to look to our immediate neighbor to the west to find a state that has a far more effective and less expensive criminal justice system than ours. The Economist magazine recently highlighted this topic in their Oct. 20 edition.

Republicans are supposed to represent fiscal conservatism. The kind of prison reform proposed by the Evers administration-in-waiting should be right down their money-saving alley.

Emile Nadeau, Madison

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