Orchids and Onions: Thursday, September 20, 2018

September 20, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the mess at SARA Park. Instead of riding around and taking breaks, look around. Lots of litter to be cleaned up; bathrooms are trashed!

Onions to the house being built at Rolling Hills and Winston Drive. The oversized garage blocks the view of the lake from your neighbors.

Orchids to our beautiful weather on Friday night for the high school football game and all the spectators that showed up to support our team. More to come. Onions to the meson the bleachers in the student section. Pride is more than just showing up. Clean up!

Onions to impatient drivers at stop signs. Do I have a sign on the front of my car that says, “Sure, pull out in front of me!” No, I do not. My favorites are those who pull out in front of me and go s-l-o-w. Idiots.

Orchids to Lake Havasu City. With the passage of the recent spending proposition, maybe street conditions in our fine city will improve? Manhole and water valve holes raised to road level, Swanson Ave. intersections repaired, more curbs, gutters, sidewalks etc. These would be a great start!

Orchids to my sister, Carol who is there for those in need. She uses her own time to volunteer without expecting anything in return. She and her husband Jack have given their time, sweat and their own money to make Havasu a proud place to live. Ranger Terry

Orchids to Deborah at Wells Fargo for being so kind and helpful in getting our deceased mom’s accounts changed. So sweet and knowledgeable.

Orchids to Marti and Al for organizing our monthly neighborhood potlucks. Wherever you two are, fun follows! So blessed to live by some really awesome Havasu folks. M and J

Onions to those who won’t quiet their barking dogs, causing the police to be called. Try a bark collar to improve the situation. Talking to inconsiderate neighbors doesn’t always help. Hefty fines make a difference for every time the police have to respond to a barking dog call.

Orchids to Steve for stepping up to be a witness when my car was hit. Much appreciated. There are still good people in Havasu.

Onions to the high school for not patrolling after school by the stop sign when it’s busy with the kids walking in front of the cars and not paying attention. Someone is going to get hit. Let’s help keep these kids safe!

Orchids to Jesse and his wizards at Adrenaline Detail for making my 10 year-old Expedition look like it just rolled off the showroom floor!

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