OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) _ America is opening its heart to the tiniest victims of the Oklahoma bomb blast.

Children's Hospital of Oklahoma has received hundreds of telephone calls, poems, letters, cards, stuffed animals and other toys for the six children who remain hospitalized and the 13 who died in the explosion Wednesday at the federal building, which housed a day-care center.

``Roses are red, violets blue, I hope you get better because we love you,'' wrote one youngster named Bobbie from California.

``My name is Crystal and I'm in the sixth grade,'' wrote another youth from California. ``I'm so sorry for what happened. I wouldn't like my kid to be in that and maybe die. I would try to take down the person that did it.''

An El Paso, Texas, man, Edward Jaquez, sent a poem he had written.

``So many lives have been lost

``And for what reason I'll never understand

``How could this happen to so many innocent people.

``How could this happen to our home land.''

Jake Lowrey, a spokesman for Children's Hospital, said a Baptist minister's wife in Texas telephoned him Sunday to say she was taking donations from parishioners to help with the children's medical bills and would send the money to the hospital.

A South Carolina school teacher telephoned to say she was sending drawings and poems.

A Chicago woman said her prayer group had put all the children's names on a prayer list.

``Anytime children are injured, especially when it is an act of terrorism, the hearts of people just go out to them,'' Lowrey said. ``Everyone deeply wants to do something to help, however small it might be, anything at all. It really helps the families to know other people are out there sharing their grief and praying for recovery.''

The six children still hospitalized range in age from 20 months to 15. Their injuries range from burns of more than 55 per cent of their body to fractures. The most critical is a 4-year-old girl who has serious head injuries, Lowrey said.


EDITORS NOTE: For any monetary donations to help offset medical costs, checks should be made out to TUH Foundation and sent to TUH Foundation, c/o Public Relations Office, Children's Hospital of Oklahoma, P.O. Box 26307, Oklahoma City, OK 73126. Other larger items such as toys should be sent to Children's Hospital, c/o Public Relations Office, 940 Northeast 13th, Oklahoma City, OK 73104.