Kankakee adjusts tax per video gaming machine to $250

September 19, 2018

KANKAKEE — The cost of operating a video gaming terminal in Kankakee will cost the operator $250 per year, up from $100, but far below the $1,000-per-machine tax the city had tried to place on them one year ago.

Based on 180 gaming machines in Kankakee, the tax — due by Feb. 1 — will generate $45,000, an annual increase of $27,000.

The council approved the increased tax by a 13-0 vote at Monday’s city council meeting.

Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong said this measure is a fair compromise.

The council had tried to increase the tax to $1,000 per machine late last year in a move to fill budget holes, but objections from video gaming operators stalled the increase.

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