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Guns Found in Kan. Were to Be Disposed Of

January 11, 2005

FORT RILEY, Kan. (AP) _ Five military machine guns found two weeks ago near a lake near Fort Riley were part of a group of weapons that were supposed to have been disposed of, investigators said.

The machine guns _ an M-240, a 5.56 millimeter and three 50-millimeters _ were found near Milford Lake, prompting residents’ concerns.

Investigators from Fort Riley’s Criminal Investigation Division said the machine guns were not stolen and had been properly removed from a Fort Riley unit’s arms room.

The CID said it was investigating how the weapons ended up near the lake and why they were not given to the Directorate of Logistics, the agency responsible for proper disposal.

The investigators said the guns were not serviceable. Jeff Coverdale, a Fort Riley representative, said the CID did not explain how the guns were not serviceable, but it could mean that they were old or damaged.

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