TYRE, Lebanon (AP) _ Israeli-supported militia gunners shelled a U.N.-policed Shiite Muslim village in southern Lebanon today, wounding a civilian, the U.N. peacekeeping force announced.

Timur Goksel, spokesman for the United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon, said gunners of the Israeli-affiliated South Lebanon Army militia fired three 120mm mortar rounds into the village of Haris at 8 a.m. He said a civilian was wounded.

Haris, one mile north of Israel's self-proclaimed ''security zone,'' is policed by the U.N. force's Irish peacekeepers.

The nine-nation 5,800-strong force mans a narrow strip in south Lebanon separating the Israeli-controlled sector from the rest of the nation to the north.

The development came a day after Israeli helicopter gunships blasted Palestinian targets in two raids in south Lebanon killing one person and wounding 14, including 10 children at an orphanage.

The repeated attacks by Israel and the South Lebanon Army followed the escalation of guerrilla raids against the security zone by Iranian-backed Shiite Muslim fundamentalist factions protesting the Arab-Israeli peace talks held in Madrid, Spain, last week.

Lebanon took part in the peace talks, sponsored by the United States and the Soviet Union, to demand Israel's withdrawal from the security zone.

Israel carved out the 440-square-mile zone in 1985 as a buffer against cross-border guerrilla infiltrations into its northern settlements.

The zone, from the Mediterranean coast in the west to Mount Hermon in the east, is patrolled by 1,200 Israeli troops and 3,000 South Lebanon Army militiamen.

The PLO-Run Islamic Badr Orphanage school said some of the wounded children, aged between 2 and 8, were discharged from the hospital today.

The school, in the teaming Palestinian refugee camp of Ein el-Hilweh, near the southern provincial capital of Sidon, serves 450 children, 50 of which are in the boarding section.