Rambutan and dragon fruit - how Produce Junction feeds Philly’s melting pot

November 12, 2018

By Staff

Benicie Jeantel will tell you how she likes her soup. She doesn’t have a special name for the chicken and vegetable stews she makes for lunch, that she shares with relatives, young and old. She uses carrots, celery, onions, and she loves garlic, but often she’ll throw in maybe one white potato — not too many — to give the broth a hit of something more.

“I like to put a little sweet in my soup,” Jeantel explained, standing over her cart in Produce Junction’s Glenside location. White sweet potatoes aren’t consistently available in area supermarkets. But Produce Junction, the regional grocery chain that focuses on fruits, veggies and flowers, has been honing its specialty selection over the last several years to serve customers like Jeantel, a Haitian immigrant seeking familiar ingredients that can be harder to find beyond ethnic markets.

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