Digital Mike: Need help choosing your candidate for governor? Take a quiz

October 6, 2018


The political season is swirling quicker and more heavily. If you’re puzzled with some of your ballot choices, there are quizzes to help you consider whom you might support.

Governor choice

Pondering the race for the Minnesota governor? You’ve got choices and MPR News has again trotted out its governor select a candidate quiz. It’s a fun effort, if nothing else, but you answer questions about issues and it tells you at the end whom you might consider your candidate. I like the idea. It should never be used as your sole research for a making your ballot choice, but it’s fodder to consider. I like it to see if who I support matches what I say are my views. You can, too.


Explore with taste

The LA Times has a great interactive about exploring the tastes of Mexico with food critics, chefs and writers. This is a fun look at how you could conceivably explore another region, probably not with an entourage, but with a little research. Learning more about a region and its people means learning about its food. Plus it’s a tasty way to do so.



NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has a great look at what’s happening in our regional climate and what’s expected ahead. Too much rain, not enough rain? Winter weather? Dial in and give it a look. I love weather information and this is good stuff.


Monster mash

Film School Rejects has some great lists regarding horror movies as we settle into Halloween month. Scroll through the main page to see others. There’s some occasional tasteless headlines or items, but mostly it’s good and fun if you’re into horror movies. I’m not. But I did like to read some of the lists and the “why” the movies were chosen. Here’s a good one on best monster movie designs. Get in the Halloween spirit.



There’s a lot of debate, much of it heated and hostile, about politics. But how about some civil debate and discussion? That’s more my world, if I’m chatting with friends or colleagues. Here’s a good Hoover Institution piece to ponder. Make your small square of the world a bit more civil.


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