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Bomber Stuck In Paris Due To Equipment Failure

June 15, 1987

WASHINGTON (AP) _ A new B-1B bomber, shown off by the Air Force during last week’s Paris Air Show, got stuck in the French capital on Monday when an auxiliary power unit on board the aircraft failed to operate properly.

The Air Force said the plane’s crew experienced ″a minor electrical problem″ with the power unit on Monday when they were preparing for the flight home.

The power unit is used to start the bomber’s engines.

Capt. Suzann Chapman, an Air Force spokeswoman, said the service was moving a compatible ground-based power unit to Paris to compensate for the auxiliary power unit - probably from West Germany. She said the B-1B was now scheduled to leave Paris Tuesday morning.

The problem with the auxiliary unit on the plane could have been dealt with quickly at an Air Force base, added Maj. Jan Dalby, another Air Force spokesman, but the B-1 did not fly to Paris with the needed parts or technicians.

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