Underage drinking biggest reason for ejections from Camp Randall

October 9, 2018

Underage drinking topped the list of ejections during the football game at Camp Randall Stadium Saturday night, according to statistics released by UW-Madison police.

Nineteen people were ejected and ticketed for underage drinking, with 56 people total being ejected from the stadium during the game between Wisconsin and Nebraska.

Twenty-four UW-Madison students were ejected in all, and 16 students were arrested out of 26 total arrests.

People ejected but not getting tickets included nine for smoking, seven for seating issues in the student section, five for being drunk, four for possession of alcohol, three for bag entry issues and two for disorderly conduct.

The police tallied 12 paramedic calls, two ambulance conveyances, 18 first aid calls, four detox conveyances and nine people with blood alcohol counts of 0.20 or higher.

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