Park it or ticket: City of Liberty enforces no parking of large vehicles on public property

March 18, 2019

You may want to think twice the next time you park your boat or RV on City of Liberty streets or you might end up paying for it.

During the Liberty City Council meeting on March 12, council members approved a motion to amend a city ordinance that prohibits the parking of commercial vehicles on city streets.

According to City of Liberty documents, several residents have approached city officials to express their concerns about damage to the streets and safety issues caused by the parking of large vehicles on the road.

The City of Liberty amended Ordinance 12.07 which regulates the parking of boats, campers, large vehicles, motor homes, recreational vehicles and trailers from parking on public property including but not limited to public parks, streets, roads, highways and sidewalks.

The amended ordinance will take effect on March 29.

A person who is in violation of this ordinance will be charged with a Class C Misdemeanor and faces a fine of $75 per day after the violation occurs.

Any vehicle in violation shall be given a notice of intent to impound their vehicle and residents will be given 48 hours to remove their commercial vehicle from public property. If the vehicle still remains on public property after the 48 hour notice, then the City of Liberty will impound the commercial vehicle.

Liberty City Manager Tom Warner said a resident can be fined for several vehicles he or she may own on a per day basis.

Only city, public utility or government approved vehicles are exempt from this ordinance. Any bus engaging in receiving or discharging passengers and large motor vehicles left on an active job site approved by the city manager or his designee are also exempt.