Letter: Lead ammunition should be banned on state land

October 10, 2018

Once again hunting season will begin and lead ammunition will be allowed on state land, putting bald eagles in danger of being poisoned when they ingest the remains of animals that have been shot.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources estimates that 178 tons of lead ammunition was deposited on state lands in 2017. Technology has improved nontoxic ammunition so that it is as effective as lead. It is illegal to use lead ammunition on federal lands.

But Rep. Steve Drazkowski has consistently voted not to allow the DNR to ban the use of lead on state lands (HR3209 and an amendment to HR888 in 2017 and HF3421 in 2018). Evidently he doesn’t understand that it is illogical to protect eagles from being hunted, but it is OK to allow them to be killed as a result of hunting other animals.

Jan Mrachek, Wabasha

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