Mohave County TV district tax remains unchanged

August 10, 2018

For now, Mohave County residents will not see their Television Tax District levy increase.

While the Board of Supervisors agreed Monday to keep the tax at 2-cents per $100 of property valuation this fiscal year, it may have to be adjusted in the future, said County Manager Michael Hendrix.

The Mohave County Television District was formed in June of 1983 for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, improving, extending, maintaining and operating television translator relay facilities to serve the communities and citizens located within Mohave County.

It was determined that the public interest, convenience, and necessity would be promoted to residents of the county who otherwise could not receive television service.

The genesis of the current tax rate occurred a few years ago, during the time when the state imposed cost shifts equating to roughly $2.5 million that Mohave County had to cover. To remain tax neutral the county imposed a 15-cent increase in property taxes and a 10-cent decrease in the library tax district levy along with a 5-cent reduction in the TV tax district.

At the time, the library and TV tax district’s had considerable cash reserves, which have since been used for operating capital.

“When the fund balances no longer support the operation and maintenance costs we believe at some future date this will have to be addressed,” Hendrix said. “At least this year we can continue to spend down the fund balances.”

When the reserves are depleted the county may have no choice but to revert to the original 5 cent levy.

“It’s really up to the board to reinstate none, some or all or they could get out of the TV business,” Hendrix said.

Mohave County currently has 55 translators located throughout the incorporated and rural areas of our boundaries. The translators are licensed through the Federal Communications Commission and rebroadcast authority granted from stations located in Phoenix, Prescott, Kingman and Las Vegas.

Operating costs include the recent migration to high-definition, equipment and emergency maintenance and broadcast fees.

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