PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Unmanned U.S. aircraft fire four missiles at a house in northwest Pakistan, killing 16 suspected militants, Pakistani intelligence officials say. The drone strike elicits a swift condemnation by the Pakistani government. Moved. By Rasool Dawar. AP Photos.


PARIS — Bolivia's president leaves Europe for home in a flurry of diplomatic drama after his flight is rerouted and delayed in Austria, allegedly because of suspicion he was trying to spirit NSA leaker Edward Snowden to Latin America. Bolivia accuses the United States of ordering European countries to block President Evo Morales' flight from their airspace, and accuses European governments of "aggression" by thwarting the flight. Moved. By Angela Charlton. AP Photos.


TOKYO — Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe criticizes China for shutting "all the doors" to dialogue because of the countries' territorial disputes, as he joins other party leaders in a debate a day before campaigning officially starts for July 21 parliamentary elections. Moved. By Malcolm Foster. AP Photos.


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Two HIV-positive patients in the United States who underwent bone marrow transplants for cancer have stopped anti-retroviral therapy and show no detectable sign of the HIV virus, researchers say. The Harvard University researchers stress it is too early to say the men have been cured, but say it is an encouraging sign that the virus hasn't rebounded in their blood months after drug treatment ended. Moved. By Eileen Ng. AP Photos.


COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — Sri Lanka has banned the current issue of Time magazine over a cover story on violence between Buddhists and Muslims in Myanmar because it could affect religious sentiments on this Buddhist-majority island, a customs official says. Myanmar earlier banned the issue. Moved. By Bharatha Mallawarachi.


MANILA, Philippines — A 35-year-old Filipino woman convicted of drug trafficking in China has been executed in that country, the Philippine government says. Moved.



BEIJING — The remains of hundreds of Chinese soldiers killed in the Korean War may finally return home, 60 years after an armistice ended the fighting. On a visit to China last week, South Korean President Park Geun-hye offered to send back the remains of about 360 Chinese solders buried in a cemetery outside the city of Paju, a friendly gesture highlighting warming ties between the former combatants. Moved. By Didi Tang.


TAIPEI, Taiwan — A celebrated Taiwanese film director apologizes for allowing an award-winning Chinese photographer to use false papers to gain access to a naval base in southern Taiwan while scouting sights for a new feature film. Moved.


BANDA ACEH, Indonesia — Soldiers, police and volunteers scour the debris of fallen homes and landslides for possible victims of a temblor that killed at least 26 people and injured hundreds. Moved. By Fakhrurradzie Gade. AP Photos.


WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Indicted Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom goes on the attack against New Zealand's foreign spy agency ahead of an eagerly anticipated showdown with the country's prime minister.Moved. By Nick Perry.



MANILA, Philippines — Just three years ago a new car and an overseas holiday were unthinkable luxuries for J. Ante and her family of six. The insurance company manager's commissions have soared since then as the Philippines, blighted for a generation by venal and incompetent leaders, has unexpectedly boomed, putting middle class comforts within tantalizing reach of many. Moved. By Teresa Cerojano. AP Photos.


TOKYO — A Tokyo court convicts Olympus Corp.'s former president and two other executives for a cover-up of massive investment losses that damaged the credibility of corporate Japan. Moved. By Mari Yamaguchi. AP Photos.


BANGKOK — Japanese megabank Mitsubishi UFJ says it plans to buy a 75 percent stake in Thailand's Bank of Ayudhya for about $5.6 billion. Moved. AP Photos.


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — A free trade pact being negotiated by the U.S. and 11 Asia-Pacific nations will impose aggressive intellectual property rules that could restrict access to affordable medicines in developing nations, health activists warn. Moved. By Eileen Ng.


TOKYO — Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling 185,000 vehicles globally, mostly in Japan and Europe, for a glitch in the power steering. Moved.


NEW DELHI — AirAsia's new joint venture in India will begin domestic flights in October to underserved Chennai, Bangalore and Cochin in the south, it says. Moved. By Shivan Sarna.


TOKYO — Honda Motor Co.'s walking, talking interactive robot is running into glitches in its new job as a museum guide in Tokyo. The bubble-headed Asimo machine had problems telling the difference between people raising their hands to ask questions and those aiming their smartphones to take photos at the Miraikan science museum. Moved. By Yuri Kageyama. AP Photos.


BEIJING — China launches an investigation into alleged price fixing by some foreign makers of infant formula, including Danone and Nestle SA. Moved.


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