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Palestinian Killed By Troops In Israel

July 17, 1988

JERUSALEM (AP) _ A Palestinian man was fatally shot Sunday after he apparently tried to grab the gun of an Israeli soldier at a bus stop, the army and hospital officials said.

The man died on an operating table Sunday after he was shot in the chest by the soldier at a bus stop in Petach Tikvah, which borders the occupied West Bank, said Esther Tirosh, a spokeswoman at Beilinson Hospital.

Mrs. Tirosh declined to identify the victim but said he was aged 18 to 20 and a resident of the occupied territories.

An army spokesman said the soldier opened fire on the Palestinian after the man tried to grab the trooper’s gun.

The fatality raised to 223 the number of Palestinians killed since the Arab uprising began Dec. 8. Four Israelis have also died.

In violence Saturday, soldiers shot and wounded three masked protesters who unfurled green-black-red and white Palestinian flags in the West Bank’s largest city of Nablus.

Scattered protests were reported Saturday in other parts of the West Bank and in Arab east Jerusalem.

The army command said an Israeli patrol saw four masked men in Nablus raise Palestinian flags and throw stones. The Palestinian flag is outlawed in Israel and the occupied territories.

The army said the soldiers responded with gunfire and they wounded three protesters.

Officials at Nablus’ St. Luke Hospital identified two of the victims as Mohammed Abdallah, 21, who was shot in the abdomen, and Mohammed Hamir, 19, who was shot in the leg. Doctors at Al Ittihad Hospital said they treated 21- year-old Mahmoud Al Kasar for a bullet wound in the leg.

Troops imposed a four-hour curfew on the Jalazone refuee camp near the West Bank town of Ramallah, an army spokesman said. He said the step followed disturbances in the camp.

Ramallah Hospital officials said they treated Mahmoud Hattab, 13, and Jamil Abu Radaha, 28, after the Jalazone incident. They said the teen-ager was beaten by soldiers and the woman was hit by rubber bullets.

″I tried to protect Mahmoud, my neighbor, and a soldier pushed me away and later fired at me,″ a local Palestinian reporter quoted the woman as saying.

Palestinian reports said there were more protests in several villages around Ramallah.

Al Ittihad Hospital officials said 18-year-old Aiman Hamid Jalamne of the West Bank town of Jenin was shot in the leg during a fight with Israeli troops. The military command confirmed there were clashes in Jenin but said it had no information about the shooting.

In the southern part of Jerusalem, a firebomb was hurled at an Israeli car Friday night, and police arrested two Palestinian suspects, Israel radio reported. There were no injuries in the firebombing.

Police reported several stone-throwing attacks in Arab east Jerusalem on Saturday and said a window of a police vehicle was smashed.

Israel radio reported about 30 guerrillas from a pro-Iranian group attacked an outpost of the Israeli-backed militia in southern Lebanon Saturday.

It said the assault by guerrillas of the Hezbollah (Party of God) occurred in the Ali Taher area in Israel’s self-proclaimed security zone.

The guerrillas fired rifles and rocket-propelled grenades at the outpost of the South Lebanon Army militia and three other militia positions were shelled by artillery, according to the report.

It said the militiamen repelled the attack, apparently inflicting some casualties among the guerrillas, but the broadcast gave no figures.

On Wednesday, an Israeli paratrooper and three Hezbollah guerrillas were killed in a firefight north of the security zone.

Israel created the zone, a six-to-10 mile wide buffer strip, when it withdrew the bulk of its troops from Lebanon in 1985 to end a three-year occupation.

The zone is patrolled by some 1,000 Israeli soldiers and more than 1,000 South Lebanon Army militiamen who are trained and financed by Israel.

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