Florence City Council members share appreciation of officers

October 10, 2018

FLORENCE, S.C. – Members of the Florence City Council spoke out Tuesday about the fatal shooting of police Sgt. Terrence Carraway and the wounding of other officers last week.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, Mayor Stephen Wukela offered the five members present the opportunity to offer their thoughts.

“I just wanted to say to the community that my heart’s broken because of the loss of Sgt. [Terrence] Carraway,” Councilman Glynn Willis said. “Of all the injuries sustained by our other officers, please lift them up in your prayers including Sgt. Carraway’s family and the officers that were injured and/or recuperating.”

Others also spoke:

Councilwoman Teresa Myers Ervin: “I reserve words at this time but being in the medical profession and also in the ministerial area of life, I would like to say that life is precious, life is given to us one time on this earth. And I truly believe that any taking of life is abuse of life. It’s abuse to the value of life. More so, when you have someone who is serving and protecting—who is doing the right thing in life –to have someone to intercede to prevent them from doing what they have obligated themselves to do.”

Councilwoman Pat Gibson-Hye Moore: “I just want to say that I really thank and appreciate the love to all our law enforcement agents, our EMS agents, and our fire departments. As far as Sgt. Carraway, my heart aches because he was not only a police officer but he was my friend.”

She said she looked her phone Tuesday morning and saw Carraway’s number but did not have the heart to delete it. She said the law enforcement and other emergency personnel “did a good job” and that she supported them. Gibson-Hye Moore also said it was up to the community to unite after the events of last week.

Councilman George Jebaily said he echoed the comments that had been made and offered a level of appreciation for the “tasteful” and “respectful” way that the media covered the shooting last week. He held up a copy of Tuesday’s Morning News and called it a “beautiful” tribute to Sgt. Carraway.

Mayor Pro Tempore Frank J. “Buddy” Brand thanked the city staff, including City Manager Drew Griffin, for their work over the past few days.

Wukela also thanked the Florence Center and the 17 restaurants that provided food for the funeral service. He said it showed how the city came together and that terrible events like the death of Carraway demonstrate the strength and unity of the community.

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