The power of flowers – perfect stress relief for Nebraskans

September 2, 2018

LINCOLN - According to a recent poll, one-third of all Nebraskans will experience stress today.

It shows that 68% of people feel stress on a weekly basis and one-third daily. Women experience the most stress with nearly 1 in 4 reporting the feel stress multiple times a day.

Dr. Erin Largo-Wright was the lead researcher on a new behavioral research study that shows there is a simple way to relieve some of that stress – flowers.

Dr. Largo-Wright says, “We have learned from past findings that having contact with nature reduces stress. Having a view from a window, having a potted plant and even listening to recorded nature sounds has been shown to reduce stress and promote health.”

Most Nebraskans and others spend 90% of their time indoors so Dr. Largo-Wright says we have to think about and value our indoor space and thing about ways we can design those to benefit our health.

The study shows that women living with flowers, even for just a few days, showed a significant reduction in their stress levels. Dr. Largo-Wright says having flowers in the home or office is a simple and practical thing we can do that doesn’t require a tremendous amount of commitment that still has a meaningful impact on our stress. Bringing nature and flowers into those spaces can make a big difference.

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