Why is such a person allowed to roam on campus?

September 23, 2018

Aman accused of continuously harassing and stalking female students at Marshall University was again arrested Sunday. Michael David Hankins, 40, was jailed at 4:45 p.m. Sunday. Authorities in Cabell County charged him with forgery and trespassing after being asked to leave.

Magistrate court records show Hankins has been charged on at least a dozen occasions for drug charges, stalking and indecent exposure.

He was charged twice with stalking in 2013 and took a no contest plea in exchange for nine months of unsupervised probation. Indecent exposure charges filed against him in 2014 and 2018 were also dismissed.

He is listed as a registered sex offender on the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Sex Offender Public Website.

Many people wondered why a person with such a record was allowed to be on or near the Marshall campus. HD Media readers shared some of those sentiments:

Aaron Melhorn: “This is why I helped lobby for campus carry. Campus Carry WILL PASS NEXT YEAR. Write it down”

Debbie Adkins: “Smartest thing I’ve seen on here.”

Kristy Joy Browning: “OH GREAT so now this guy will get a gun when he inevitably is let out again and will shoot an innocent woman next! CAN’T WAIT”

Aaron Melhorn: “Kristy Joy Browning really??? By his stalking he is prohibited from having a firearm. But as we all know from the story this guy ALWAYS abide the laws.”

Tessa Michelle Hanshaw: “Right Kristen!?! They should just make stalking illegal! Then this guy won’t do it anymore ...”

Jarred Cannon: “Kristy Joy Browning How would passing campus carry affect his ability to carry a gun when he isn’t a student and would already be otherwise prohibited from carrying? Please explain.”

Kari Damron Ward: “I tell my daughters to throat punch them first so they can’t breathe, then hit them square in the nose so their eyes will water so bad they can’t see, then a hard kick to the (testicles).”

Bob Lawson: “Sounds so much more sensible than a lot of kids running around campus carrying guns.”

Judy Salmons: “Shouldn’t he be wearing an ankle bracelet or something. Who has to pay the price for him to be behind bars for a long time?”

Natalie Dailey-Gwinn: “The way our ‘justice’ system ‘works’ is that he WILL most likely end up committing a heinous crime before he ‘might’ be put away for good”

Carol Fiut Mestrovic: “He was caught two years ago stalking female students. He had duct tape rope a knife and condoms in his trunk! This guy is one sick dude.”

Joab Dellinger: “Why has this guy been charged with crimes over and over and ALL of the charges seem to have been dismissed? Does he have to kidnap, rape and kill someone first?”

Leslie Lyons: “Our daughter left Marshall I was worried for her safety”

Steven J Davis: “Sounds like he needs a very long stay in the presence of our correctional officers. A very long time.”

Amanda Mercer: “Again ...? Arrested ... again?! What is wrong with the justice system!?”

Tammy Bottoms: “This guy needs put away before he harms someone!”

Laura Austin Adkins: “If he has been in this much trouble why is he not in jail?????????”

K.A. White: “His forgery charge is the only felony? Stealing someone’s money is a worse crime than terrorizing women?”

Dawna Bruner Adkins: “And should the next victim take care of him. They will do more time than he ever has”

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