Evacuation order lifted for Zone 1 neighborhoods along Lynches River

September 23, 2018

EFFINGHAM, S.C. – Florence County Officials have lifted the mandatory evacuation order for Zone 1 along Lynches River from US 301 Bridge downstream to US 52 Bridge.

These neighborhoods include:

Kelley Road from N Bethel Road to Old Creek RoadW Old # 4 Hwy from Salem Road to Hwy 52McAllister Mill Road from W Old # 4 Hwy to Wylie RoadOak Grove Road from E Deer Road to Meadow ProngMeadow Prong from Olanta Hwy to Oak Grove RoadApril LaneSnookim LaneAckerman DriveStarburst RoadYork LaneRainbow RoadJohnnie Lee RoadMary’s Shortcut RoadWheeler RoadBen Gause RoadCounty Park RoadBagpipe LaneMary Shortcut RoadJohnnie Lee RoadCuster RoadBonanza RoadSpine RoadOld Creek RoadQuail LaneDelta RoadButterbean RoadGingerbread LaneSyrup Mill RoadHawkins LaneGreen Forrest RoadMary RoadPole Cat RoadBluefield RoadFork RoadHill RoadWylie RoadStrickland Farm RoadFloyd LaneRevell LaneYellow Bluff RoadWedge LaneTower CirWendy RoadStumps LaneSerenity RoadFarmtree RoadFarm RoadRoundtree RoadW Deer RoadE Deer RoadHall RoadKirby RoadGaymon RoadW Tedder RoadSaps CircleRiver Bank RoadTroy Brown RoadMossy Grove Lane

Some roads in the area maybe damaged or have standing water. These have been blocked by barriers, do not remove or drive around barriers. Please use precaution when returning to your homes.

It is safe to return to your residents, but please follow these helpful tips as you return home:

Before entering your home, look outside for down or low hanging power lines, damaged gas lines, foundation cracks or other damage. Parts of your home maybe collapsed or damaged. Approach entrances carefully. See if porch roofs and overhangs have all their supports.Watch out for wild animals, especially poisonous snakes that may have come into your home with the floodwater.If you smell natural or propane, gas or hear a hissing noise, leave immediately and call the fire department.If power lines are down outside your home, do not step in puddles or standing water.Keep children and pets away from hazardous sites and floodwater.Materials such as cleaning products, paint, batteries, contaminated fuel and damaged fuel containers are hazardous. Check with local authorities for assistance with disposal to avoid risk.During cleanup, wear protective clothing, including rubber gloves and rubber boots.Clean and disinfect everything that got wet. Mud left from floodwater can contain sewage and other harmful chemicals.Make sure your food and water are safe. Discard items that have come in contact with floodwater, including canned goods, water bottles, plastic utensils and baby bottle nipples. When in doubt, throw it out!

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