Russia didn’t need Trump’s help -- Bruce Burnett

March 31, 2019

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller may not have found serious evidence that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia, but I was always skeptical. The real question is would Russia have colluded with Trump? To collude with someone, you need to have some trust they won’t double-cross you. You need some confidence they won’t botch it up.

Russia knows what a liar Trump is. They know his track record of reneging on deals. I don’t think they would trust him enough to collude on anything sensitive.

The suspicion was reasonable enough to hold an independent investigation, because Trump and his cohorts act so guilty. But I am relieved the sitting president didn’t actually collude with Russia to sway the presidential election. That’s a horrible thing to even contemplate.

And it doesn’t look like Russia needed Trump’s help to do what they did anyway.

Bruce Burnett, Sun Prairie