Young Florence pageant contestants collect food for dogs in shelter

September 5, 2018

FLORENCE, S.C. – Macee Erwin, 9, and Aubrie Poston, 7, are using their pageant crowns to help the local pooch population.

As part of their pageant participation across the nation, the girls must present a progam of what they will use their status as pageant contestants to help their community with. Their platform is to collect food for the dogs held at the Florence County Environmental Services.

“We collect dog food and give it to our local shelter,” Aubrie said.

“People never really help animals,” Macee said. “They’re always helping people like the homeless. We thought it was a great idea to help the dogs and the cats.”

The girls are really passionate about their platform, which they call Crowns for Pounds.

“It does a good thing, because if I know if I needed help with my animals I would like to somebody to help me with my animals, so it feels good to help somebody with their stuff,” Macee said.

“I love it [the platform], because it makes me happy,” Aubrie said.

Recently, the girls traveled to New Orleans to represent South Caroliuna in the National Elegance Miss Pageant, where they talked about their platform.

“My stage question was [about] my favorite hobby, and I was telling them I like to play with little animals,” Macee said.

Macee also told the judges that her other hobby was community service and the collection of dog food.

Aubrie said she was asked how much dog food she raised.

The girls set a goal to collect 2,000 pounds each, or 1 ton, of dog food in two months. They exceeded that goal by collecting 2,800 pounds of dog food. They raised the dog food with the help of private sponsors and their grandparents.

The girls also plan to travel Friday to New York for fashion week, and they will discuss their platform.

They also plan to host a Pooch Parade Canine Carnival featuring dogs dressed in costumes and pet owners dressed like their animals on Oct. 20 at the Florence Tractor Supply store to continue to raise money for the dogs.

For more information on the event, contact Sandra Galloway at 843-992-8171.

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