Driver’s license services still slow in 2nd week with new software

August 22, 2018

Daschley Southwick waits in line at the Bonneville County Department of Motor Vehicles to receive a new drivers license on Aug. 15, 2017.

Long wait times persist at departments of motor vehicles across Idaho during the state’s second week using a new software system.

The wait times were even longer Monday because department computers were down statewide from about 8 to 8:41 a.m., said Jake Melder, spokesman for the Idaho Transportation Department. During that time, employees couldn’t administer driver’s license tests. Melder estimated some customers have had to wait an additional half-hour at their local DMVs.

ITD is now in its second week with the new software system, an update from its 1980s-era mainframe. The switch slowed operations across DMVs last week as employees adjusted, Melder said. Several offices asked customers to reschedule their visits if possible.

In Canyon County last Friday, wait times for driver’s license services exceeded three hours. That day, the Ada County Sheriff’s Office announced it would accept no more customers at its office after 3 p.m., because employees needed to process the customers they already had.

ITD did expect some difficulties and anticipated there’d be a “learning curve” with the software switch, Melder said. In the long term, though, the software will provide more effective service, he said.

DMVs closed Aug. 9 and 10 for the software installation.

Melder said Monday morning it might still be best for customers to reschedule their trips to the DMV unless they have an immediate need.

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