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August 8, 2018


SYDNEY (AP) — Pink promises her fans in Australia that she’ll be good to go by Saturday after taking ill last week. She had a stomach virus that had her hospitalized, forcing her to miss the first of a series of shows in Sydney. She rebounded enough to do a show Saturday, but her doctor ordered her to take some time off — and she hasn’t returned to the stage all week. Her show tomorrow is expected to be the last of the postponements. In an Instagram post, Pink apologized to ticket holders — and said dates for the postponed shows will be announced shortly.


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — The fourth and final suspect in the shooting death of XXXTentacion (ex-ex-ex-ten-TAH’-see-YOHN’) is now in custody. Authorities in Broward County, Florida says 20-year-old Trayvon Newsome turned himself in yesterday. Newsome was the fourth suspect sought in the death of the upcoming rapper back in June. He was shot as he tried to leave a motorcycle dealership. Authorities have said robbery appears to be the motive; they say the gunmen fled with a Louis Vuitton bag containing $50,000. All four of them face murder and robbery charges.



022927-r-395:04-(Excerpt)-“music faces”-Final suspect arrested in slaying of rapper XXXTentacion (8 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022927 (08/08/18)££ 395:04 “music faces”


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Step on it. That, in effect, is the request being made by Angelina Jolie Pitt when it comes to her pending divorce from Brad Pitt. She filed for the split two years ago — and she suggests she’d like to see the matter wrapped up soon. She has filed a motion asking that the divorce be made final before the end of the year. One matter that may slow things up: child support. In her filing, Jolie Pitt accuses her estranged hubby of not keeping up his end of their informal bargain for him to help support their six children. In response, Pitt says in a court filing that he has given Jolie Pitt $1.3 million and lent her another $8 million since their separation two years ago.



022928-v-300:48-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)-“I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”-Angelina Jolie Pitt wants divorce finalized by year’s end (8 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022928 (08/08/18)££ 300:48 “I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”

022929-c-191:04-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)-“they had made”-Angelina Jolie Pitt wants divorce finalized by year’s end (8 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022929 (08/08/18)££ 191:04 “they had made”

022930-c-129:84-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)-“children they have”-Angelina Jolie Pitt wants divorce finalized by year’s end (8 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022930 (08/08/18)££ 129:84 “children they have”


NEW YORK (AP) — Gina Rodriguez says she always prayed that she would “meet a really cool partner.” And says it didn’t matter to her “whether it would be male or female” — just that he or she would support her, want her to shine — and be able to shine on their own. The star of “Jane the Virgin” feels she has found that someone — and like many of her other recent successes in life, she has her TV show to thank for that. Her beau is Joe LoCicero. Rodriguez met him when he guest starred in an episode of the show in 2016. While she’s planning her wedding, she is also reaching out to those less fortunate. She has teamed up with Always to address what’s known as “period poverty.” That’s when Americans girls who aren’t well off are forced to stay home from work or school because of a lack of affordable feminine products. Rodriguez says that’s something that breaks her heart.



022925-a-76:80-(Gina Rodriguez, actress, in AP interview)-“think about that! (laughs)”-Gina Rodriguez credits ‘Jane the Virgin’ for many things, including the love of her life (8 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022925 (08/08/18)££ 76:80 “think about that! (laughs)”

022926-a-132:72-(Gina Rodriguez, actress, in AP interview)-“and support me”-Gina Rodriguez credits ‘Jane the Virgin’ for many things, including the love of her life (8 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022926 (08/08/18)££ 132:72 “and support me”


NEW YORK (AP) — “Bachelorette” Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen hope to move forward together after an online controversy involving her fiance. Shortly after the season premiere, it turned up that Yrigoyen had “liked” some posts that made fun of transgender people, feminists — and Parkland, Florida, shooting survivor David Hogg. He responded quickly by deleting the account and apologizing, describing the likes as “mindless taps.” Yrigoyen says what hurt him most is that people who disagreed with his online actions directed much of their ire at Kufrin.



022921-a-119:52-(Garrett Yrigoyen, reality TV Star, winner of ‘The Bachelorette,’ in AP interview)-“of my actions”-‘The Bachelorette’ and new fiance ready to move forward after controversy (8 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022921 (08/08/18)££ 119:52 “of my actions”

022922-a-100:32-(Garrett Yrigoyen, reality TV Star, winner of ‘The Bachelorette,’ in AP interview)-“to offend anybody”-‘The Bachelorette’ and new fiance ready to move forward after controversy (8 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022922 (08/08/18)££ 100:32 “to affend anybody”

022923-a-77:52-(Becca Kufrin, reality TV Star, “The Bachelorette,” in AP interview)-“everyone he encounters”-‘The Bachelorette’ and new fiance ready to move forward after controversy (8 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022923 (08/08/18)££ 77:52 “everyone he encounters”

022924-a-80:40-(Becca Kufrin, reality TV Star, “The Bachelorette,” in AP interview)-“was really hard”-‘The Bachelorette’ and new fiance ready to move forward after controversy (8 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022924 (08/08/18)££ 80:40 “was really hard”


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Nathan Fillion says as an actor, he’s ready for his role as a police officer in the new series “The Rookie.” But his body? Not so much, at least when it comes to doing stunts. He told a TV critics’ meeting yesterday his “knees would appreciate it” if there were a stuntman doing his running. Fillion, who’s 47, jokes that at his point in his life, “kneeling is a stunt” for him. In “The Rookie,” Fillion plays a man whose midlife crisis leads him to the Los Angeles Police Department. The show makes its debut Oct. 16.


NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Three Xavier University of Louisiana students are getting a serious boost to their efforts to graduate from actor and comedian Kevin Hart. He has teamed up with the United Negro College Fund and KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) to help 18 students earn a college degree. The $600,000 scholarship program will provide funding to KIPP students from eight cities attending 11 historically black colleges and universities. In a statement Hart, says education and knowledge are powerful. And he says wants to do his part to provide opportunities for future leaders.


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Jim Carrey says his cartoons depicting the Trump administration are a civilized response to what calls an unfolding “nightmare.” He told a TV critics’ meeting in California that his sketches may veer into crassness — but are a creative way to express his political opposition. Carrey stars in the new Showtime series “Kidding.” It’s about a children’s TV host hit by a family tragedy. It debuts Sept. 9.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Oscars are adding a new category to honor popular films and promising a brisk three-hour ceremony on a much earlier air date of Feb. 9, 2020. John Bailey, the newly re-elected president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, says in an email to members that the Board of Governors met last night to approve the three major changes. Eligibility requirements for the popular film category will be forthcoming. Ratings for the 91st Academy Awards fell to an all-time low of 26.5 million viewers, down 19 percent from the previous year and the first time the glitzy awards ceremony had fewer than 30 million viewers since 2008. It also clocked it at nearly 4 hours, making it the longest show in over a decade.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Writer and producer Colby Wedgeworth leads the Dove Awards with eight nominations while artist Tauren Wells has seven nominations, including song of the year and new artist of the year. The Gospel Music Association announced the nominees today for the 49th Annual GMA Dove Awards, to be presented Oct. 16 in Nashville, Tennessee. Wells, a former frontman of the Christian group Royal Tailor, released his first solo album last year. Zach Williams has six nominations, and Cory Asbury, Tasha Cobbs Leonard and TobyMac with five nominations each. In the artist of the year category, Williams and Leonard are nominated along with Hillsong UNITED, MercyMe and NEEDTOBREATHE.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Carrie Underwood says her family is adding “another fish to our pond.” The 35-year-old singer announced today on Instagram that she and her husband, Mike Fisher, are expecting their second child. She says they are “absolutely over the moon.” Underwood and Fisher, a former NHL player for Ottawa, and Nashville, have a 3-year-old son, Isaiah. Underwood’s next album, “Cry Pretty,” is due out Sept. 14. A tour will follow in 2019. Tickets go on sale Aug. 17. The seven-time Grammy winner will join Brad Paisley as co-host of the Country Music Association Awards on Nov. 14. It will be their 11th time together.

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