Yucca murder: Buddy O’Brian Wallace sentenced to 32 years in prison

February 14, 2019

KINGMAN – Buddy O’Brian Wallace, convicted of the second-degree murder of Charles John McCarty, was sentenced to a total of 32 years in prison Tuesday.

A conviction of second-degree murder in Arizona carries a mandatory prison sentence of 10 years minimum and 25 years maximum. Judge Rick Lambert sentenced Wallace to 25 years on the second-degree murder charge and 20 years on the first-degree burglary charge. In keeping with Arizona law, Lambert ordered that those sentences be served concurrently. Wallace will be credited with time served in custody, about 1,215 days.

However, Wallace was also sentenced to seven years in prison for theft of means of transportation, a sentence that will be served consecutive to the other prison sentences. He will not receive credit for time served for being found guilty on that charge.

The judge listed six aggravating factors in the case, the first pertaining to the victim being stabbed 21 times with a deadly weapon, seven of which were fatal. Lambert also listed emotional harm suffered by the family as an aggravating factor.

Four members of the McCarty family spoke in court. They included Charles McCarty’s son, brother, granddaughter and nephew. His nephew also read a statement from his father, Charles’ brother. The family asked the judge to sentence Wallace to the maximum prison term possible.

“Our entire family was given a life sentence,” said Bob McCarty, Charles’ brother, referencing the fact that the family will never again see their loved one.

He also said it was a “brutal, senseless attack,” and that “Buddy Wallace is an evil coward.”

Lambert said the victim’s age, over 65, was another aggravating factor. Additional aggravating factors were callousness, the victim required an oxygen tank and he was a veteran.

The judge said the fact that a 4-year-old Wallace witnessed the murder of his mother was a mitigating factor in the case. However, he said the defense couldn’t really prove a nexus between that and the murder of McCarty, and therefore the court would not give that factor a lot of weight.

During the December trial, jurors heard testimony from Mohave County Sheriff’s Office detectives, DPS forensics scientists and other witnesses about the stabbing death of 70-year-old Charles John McCarty, known as “Veteran John,” on or about Oct. 11, 2015, in Yucca.

Detectives found footprints leading to McCarty’s home in the 11200 block of Bennie Drive, and matched them to cowboy boots thrown into the desert shrubbery near railroad tracks where McCarty’s truck had been abandoned.

Two forensics experts from Arizona Department of Public Safety testified about DNA analysis of blood stains found on the boots that matched that of the victim.

Witness Don Guthrie said he encountered Wallace on Alvis Road, one road in back of Bennie, and gave him directions to McCarty’s travel trailer residence. Wallace’s footprints were tracked from the Chrysler Proving Grounds through the desert to Alvis, then to McCarty’s home.