Orchids and Onions: Saturday, November 24, 2018

November 24, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the EYC Pig Fest volunteers! This was the best group of volunteers ever. Everything went so smooth and the food was the best. Special thanks to Glenn, Rick, Al, Marti, Ken, Don, Suzie, Barbara, Kathy, Lisa, shredders, servers and clean-up crew. Could not do this without you. Thank you!

Onions to the inept officers of the business. You’re going down as the worst run organization in a 50 year history. Look toward your leadership at the top who has the uncanny ability to make bad decisions 100% of the time. The membership cannot wait until April when you fade away.

Onions to the pompous person not being able to find a proper date in L.H.C. and threatening to go back to Las Vegas. Good riddance.

Onions to making openings in the bottom of packages at the store, taking some contents. Paid for five roasting bags; you stole one. Coffee filters of 100 missing 20. Inspect everything. May not rob banks, but you are a petty thief.

Orchids to Wirefree Communications for their awesome internet and tech service! They are the best and most reliable in town! Highly recommend!

Onions to the local taco shop. They will not get your order right at all, even if you say it in plain English 1,000 times. I wouldn’t advise going in there, unless you want to pay for any food that you don’t even get; even if you actually paid for it.

Orchids to Heather at Sally’s! Thank you so much for your help with picking out the right hair color for my difficult red liking hair.

Orchids to Joe’s Auto, RV and Truck Repair and to the front office woman and especially to Kirk. They had me back on the road in quick time and were so very accommodating about my ‘low tire pressure.’ Great customer service!

Orchids to the senior couple who stopped on Hwy 95 near Cat Tail Cove where we had ran out of fuel in our motor home. Your kindness was greatly appreciated!

Onions to the organization again offering memberships to the unsuspecting folks of Havasu. Don’t be fooled. When needed, those promises fade into oblivion. When stranded with seriously ill husband requiring early landing of plane I received no assistance! The sales folk must have no contact with those who administer the program or else it is a deliberate action. So sad we had bought the lifetime plan so no recourse!

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