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Sunday’s News Shows

March 27, 1998

Lineup for the Sunday TV news shows:

ABC’s ``This Week″ _ Topic: Tragedy in Jonesboro: Are parents or Hollywood responsible? Guests: Radio talk show host Laura Schlessinger, Director Rob Reiner, Harvard professor Ron Slaby and Arkansas Attorney General Winston Bryant.


CBS’ ``Face the Nation″ _ Topic: The Jonesboro shooting. Guests: Bill Sadler of the Arkansas State Police; Sens. Joseph Biden, D-Del., and Jeff Sessions, R-Ala.; Deborah Prothrow-Stith of the Harvard School of Public Health, and James Fox, dean of Northeastern University’s College of Criminal Justice.


NBC’s ``Meet the Press″ _ Topics: The possibility of impeachment, addiction in America and the Jonesboro shooting. Guests: Reps. Bob Barr, R-Ga.; Charles Canady, R-Fla.; James Rogan, R-Calif.; Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., and Mel Watt, D-N.C., all members of the House Judiciary Committee; commentator Bill Moyers and Ed Troutt, associate publisher, Jonesboro Sun.


CNN’s ``Late Edition″ _ Topic: The president’s trip to Africa. Guests: South African President Nelson Mandela, National Security Adviser Sandy Berger and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.


``Fox News Sunday″ _ Topics: Education and safety, executive privilege and Republicans in Congress. Guests: White House policy adviser Rahm Emanuel; former family court judge Judy Sheindlin; former high school principal Joe Clark; Sens. Robert Torricelli, D-N.J., and Arlen Specter, R-Pa., and Rep. Kasich, R-Ohio.

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