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Flirting Via Cell Phone Leads to Nuptials

September 8, 2003

OSLO, Norway (AP) _ They met via a cell phone text message, courted and fell in love on the telephone and picked out their wedding rings while talking to each long-distance from jewelry shops in two cities.

So what could be more natural than Grete Irene Myrslett, 35, and Frode Tangedahl Stroemsoe, 31, getting married in a phone booth?

That’s what they did this weekend in a wedding _ and honeymoon cruise _ sponsored by Norway’s state-run telecom, Telenor ASA, to mark the 70th anniversary of its landmark red phone booths that dot the Nordic country of 4.5 million residents.

Last year, Myrslett, of Oslo, and Stroemsoe, who lives on the other side of country, met through SMS Flirt, a mobile telephone messaging service for singles, Norwegian news media reported this weekend.

Within a month, they’d run up $1,481 in cell phone bills. So to save money, Stroemsoe, with no regular telephone, waited outside a phone booth each night at 11 p.m. to talk to Myrslett. Cell phone calls are more expensive in Norway than those made via land lines.

They decided to get married and even picked out their wedding rings before they ever met in person.

Finally, Myrslett flew to Haugesund, about 200 miles west of the capital, Oslo, to meet her fiance.

Wedding invitations were via short messaging service, or SMS, and drew about 100 guests to Saturday’s wedding.

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