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June 25, 1990

Undated (AP) _ ″Apartheid is still there in spite of the fact that the discussions between the ANC (African National Congress) and the government are going on.″ -ANC deputy president Nelson Mandela, pressing for continued sanctions against the white-ruled South African government.


″The secretary did what he had to do and the activists did well in expressing their concerns. It was a form of dialogue.″ - Rose Okello, a health educator from Uganda attending a world conference on AIDS in San Francisco at which activists drowned out the closing speech by Health and Human Services Secretary Louis Sullivan.


″Don’t ask me how many are dead. Ask how many survived. Only me, my son and a woman from my village.″ - An unidentified man from Kopteh in the quake- devastated Caspian Sea region of northern Iran, quoted by the official Islamic Republic News Agency.

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