Five vie for two contested positions on Huffman ISD school board

September 17, 2018

Three positions are up for grabs in the Huffman ISD school board election this November.

Postions 1, 2 and 3 are up for election this year. Meanwhile only Positions 1 and 2 are contested.

Ray Burt, President of Huffman ISD School Board, is seeking re-election into Position 3 and is running unopposed.

Position 1

Candidates Aaron Alexander and Vernon Reed are looking to be officially seated in this position.

Alexander is the owner of Canyon Commercial Construction and Reed is a retired paralegal.

Alexander said he is running to be on the Huffman ISD school board because he would make decisions based on the best interest of their students.

Reed, a previous Huffman ISD candidate, is running to make the school district safer, not only the students but for everyone in Huffman.

“Hurricane Harvey changed a lot of lives in our district with some of those lives being forever changed. Then there is increasing school violence and mental health issues that is now starting to rear its ugly head,” Reed said. “We need to continue to rise above and meet these and other issues head on. We must continue to work to keep our schools safe, including our students, staff and administrators.”

School safety is an important issue for Alexander as well.

“I am proud of the current board and the decisions they make and hope to fall in line with how they’ve been operating. I would continue to secure the safety of our students and staff, continue strengthening our academics and help maintain our fiscal responsibilities,” Alexander said.

Both candidates also said they will take pride in being fiscally resposible with taxpayer monies.

Current Position 1 Trustee Robin Colbert has decided not to seek re-election.

“My husband and I have decided after his work load slows down later this year, we are going to spend time traveling, enjoying life and each other. I will miss helping our school district, but Huffman ISD is in good shape financially, academically and we have a good employee team in place. It is now time for a new generation to step in and take their place on the Huffman ISD school board,” Colbert said.

Position 2

Candidates for this position are Patricia Burnham, Jared Dagley and Dean Warren.

Dagley, managing partner for Forged Strategies, LLC, has been planning on running for the Huffman ISD school board for a year.

“I thought about it for over a year. I prayed about it. I consulted with as many people as I could about the commitment that I would be making. I aligned things in all aspects of my life to make sure I could do the best job for the people of Huffman ISD,” Dagley said.

Warren, owner of Warren’s Southern Gardens, Warren’s Outdoor Living and Warren’s Customs Pools, has been a member of the Huffman community for the past two decades and wants to give back.

“My wife and I have raised five children in our Huffman schools, with the youngest being a senior this year. All our children have achieved success in this district and I truly believe in our schools. I am now in a position to dedicate the time necessary to serve and be part of the school board,” Warren said.

Some issues regrading Huffman ISD Dagley would like to address is maintaining Hufffman’s identity.

“When I talk to those in the Huffman community, it is apparent that the “small town” feel is what attracted many to the area and what has kept those that have been here for a generation or more to continue to call our district their home,” Dagley said. “As our district heads into what is sure to be a population increase with the expansion of roads such as Grand Parkway, FM 2100, and FM 1960. It is going to be important that we make decisions that help us meet our education goals and keep our identity, all while being fiscally responsible.”

Warren would like to address the student safety and the needs of the Huffman community as it grows.

“Some of the issues that face our district are the safety of our students, meeting the challenges of our growing community, and creating the ability, through compensation and support; to attract great talent throughout all departments of the district and keep them employed for the long term,” Warren said.

In regard to the recently implemented Guardian Plan, Dagley is in full support of this program.

“I recently served on the district’s safety committee in which we examined a full overview of current district safety measures. The guardian program was put in place prior to the committee forming and meeting, but it was discussed and explained thoroughly,” Dagley said. “With the recent safety committee, I also was fortunate enough to help develop multiple other focus areas that the board could target to help support and continue the district’s exemplary safety record. When examining school safety it is important to always be evaluating current measures and developing future plans in order to maintain the best and safest environment within our district.”

Warren is also in full support of the Guardian Plan.

“Our schools must be a secure environment where everyone feels safe. The School Marshals are actually our ‘last resort option.’ I hope they never have to put their plan into action. However if the need arises, the School Marshals are prepared to be the ‘stop gap’ until first responders arrive. Since time is of the essence in these circumstances, I believe the districts’ recently adopted plan is a great first line of defense,” Warren said.


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