Act For America Masquerades As ‘patriots’

March 23, 2019

Editor: A few years ago, in order to attend an invitation-only pro-fracking event, I joined a group called Act for America. Afterward I received a few emails from this organization. Despite their message consistently representing the opposite of my own beliefs, I did not resign my membership. I like to know what my adversaries are thinking and saying. Here are a few examples of the causes supported by Act for America: Tommy Robinson is a British journalist imprisoned because he undermined the integrity of a court case by broadcasting that the defendants were “Muslim pedophile rapists.” Robinson violated a British law that forbids news reporters from broadcasting their own legal judgment in advance of the court’s decision. However, Act for America portrays this as a violation of Mr. Robinson’s rights in the name of “political correctness.” In another set of emails, a connection is drawn between radical American groups and ISIS. No doubt there are ISIS sympathizers in America. But, Act for America conflates the existence of such fringe radicalism into a major force driving anti-Trump sentiments. The implication is that anyone who finds fault with President Trump is an ISIS sympathizer. One also finds support for Trump’s executive order forbidding entry into the United States by any non-citizen coming from a variety of Mideastern countries. Act for America’s ludicrous attempt at such support is to cite an instance in which a federal judge ruled against the deportation of an alien sex offender. I don’t know the particulars of the case, but it is clear the intention is to portray select groups of people as pedophile rapists. Hate-mongers like Act for America masquerade as “patriots.” The constitution of The United States of America does not rest upon a porous foundation of fear, hatred and intolerance. David Wasilewski HUNLOCK CREEK